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Old Nick is an antagonist that has appeared in the Team Fortress 2 webcomics.



Old Nick was originally an settler that went to the South Pole and presumably gained immortality. He then borrowed money from a foreign mafia and later created a shop at the North Pole, where he went to kidnap children from across the world so that they could make him various items that include weapons and toys.

Team Fortress

Old Nick made his first appearance in the webcomic A Smissmas Story, where he arrived at Teufort to kidnap their children, only to fight against Soldier and Scout. He later died by the hands of a kid known as Little Jack.

It is believed that Mann Co. took what was left of Old Nick's equipment and gave it to the Mercenaries.


  • Dispite only appearing in one webcomic, Old Nick has a big backstory.
  • Old Nick is the TF2 version of Santa Clause.
  • Old Nick shares some similarities to Merasmus, possably indicating that their might be holiday themed wizards in the TF2 universe.


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