The Older Guy is a supporting antagonist of the 2016 comedic action crime mystery thriller film, The Nice Guys. He is the former right-hand man of John Boy and a gangster who's seeking to kill Amelia Kutner while Holland March and Jackson Healy are trying to rescue her.

He was portrayed by Keith David who also played Big Tim in Requiem For A Dream, Dr. Facilier in The Princess and the Frog, Thailog in Gargoyles, and Tublat in The Legend of Tarzan.


The Older Guy is first seen with his partner Blue Face standing outside Healy's apartment; once Healy spots the two, Older Guy and Blue Face bring Healy into his apartment where they interrogate him on the whereabouts of Amelia while also beating him. Healy grabs a shotgun while Older Guy and Blue Face are distracted and shoots at them, causing them to run away.

The Older Guy and Blue Face are later seen at the party where Healy and March look for Sid Shattack, a porn actor and producer of a film Amelia is in (only for Shattack to be found dead). Blue Face chases after Amelia and March's daughter, Holly, while Older Guy engages in a fight with Healy. Healy severely beats Older Guy, but does not kill him.

The Older Guy is seen one last time near the end of the movie when March and Healy have found Amelia's film and seek to project it at a local auto show. Before her death, Amelia revealed that John Boy, Older Guy, Blue Face, and the other hit-men looking to kill her are from the Detroit government and the film depicts their corruption. Older Guy, along with the other hit-men, arrive at the auto show to stop the film from being shown. In a fight between March, Holly, and Older Guy on top of a building, Older Guy is shot by March several times and March throwing himself onto Older Guy to prevent Holly from falling off the building (Older Guy grabbed Holly just as he was falling off). While March falls into a pool, Older Guy hits the hard ground and dies.

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