(U.S.A. Comics#3/4 (fb) - BTS) - Oldow was a powerful and very strong man acting in a carnival. At some point, he became affected by direct moonlight during nights of a full moon and would transform into a large, fanged creature with a thirst for human blood.

(U.S.A. Comics#3/4) - Don Stevens and his pal Rusty visited a nearby carnival and saw Oldow's act of mindlessly obeying a fellow performer and breaking an iron bar. Later that night and backstage, Oldow was pleased with the day's takings. However, a full moon rose up with the moonlight streaming in through a window. This caused Oldow to mutate into a larger and more powerful but also vicious creature with giant fangs. He killed his fellow performer and wandered into the night searching for more people to kill, but instead encountered Stevens, now garbed as the Defender, and Rusty, who attacked him to stop any further bloodshed. Oldow shrugged off the blows and escaped into the night.

The next day, the carnival set up camp outside Stevens' marine base. That night, Oldow again transformed and attacked Major Anders, but Rusty and Stevens, once more changed into his Defender guise, tackled the monster. Oldow was able to capture Rusty and threatened to throw the youth off a nearby cliff but was stopped by the Defender. A fight ensued until the Defender was finally able to punch Oldow back where he fell down the cliff and died.

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