He'll drop a disco-beat down!
~ Olds Cool's splash screen description.

Olds Cool is one of the major antagonists of the 2019 third player shooter game Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville. He is a Disco Zombie with a larger afro, who pilots his disco ball machine to fight the plant players in the Funderdome.


When the players board the elevator to the Funderdome, Olds Cool comes out from his disco ball and starts his music, which can tell that the fight has begun.

During the start of the battle, Olds Cool fires his homing missiles, which the players have to shoot them down, otherwise, their plants will taunt for a while, which makes them vulnerable. He also throws multiple records at them across the ground. He continuously performs these attacks until the players defeat him in the first phase.

In the second phase, Olds Cool continuously stomps on the ground for a while, which creates shockwaves that the players have to jump to avoid them. After that, he uses his rolling attack to hit the players. If he hits the speakers, he will stun for a while, revealing a button that makes him vulnerable, if not, he will redo his stomping attack.

In the third phase, Olds Cool repeats his attacks from the first phase. He also has his new attack, the laser attack, which he shoots out lasers from his disco ball at the players. To avoid them, they had to stay behind the barriers. There are also Browncoat Zombies and TV Head Zombies attacking the players during this phase.

While in the fourth phase, Olds Cool reused his attacks from the second phase, but this time, he uses his panel attack instead.

Olds Cool moved to the center of the battlefield and then summoned three panels that spin around to damage the players, as in the panel attack. The players can damage the colored panels to go through this attack. After he is defeated during this phase, he then uses his rolling attack.

In the fifth phase, Olds Cool reused his attacks from the third phase. There are also Basic Zombies, TV Heads Zombies, and Electric Slides attempting to attack the players. Before his sixth phase, Olds Cool rapidly throws records at the players, which the players had to avoid them to hit him.

During the sixth phase, Olds Cool reused his stomping attack and panel attack for his final minutes with the players. However, in the panel attack, Olds Cool regenerates his panels much faster than the previous phases. After Olds Cool is defeated, he fell down with his disco ball closed and then explodes. The players earned some coins and tacos as a reward.


  • The name "Olds Cool" is a play on the word old school.
  • His rolling attack sound is reused from Citron's Spin Dash ability.



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