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What I know is soon, everyone you love would be dead.
~ Oleg Malankov to Bryan Mills in the film's trailer.
We're f-cked by the same man.
~ Oleg Malankov's last words to Bryan.

Oleg Malankov is the central antagonist in the 2015 movie Taken 3. He is a powerful Russian crime lord who was a KGB Spetsnaz and Afghanistan war veteran in his past. 

He was portrayed by Sam Spruell, who also played Finn in Snow White and the Huntsman.


Early life

After Bryan finds out about Stuart's true colors, he tells him that he had hired Oleg to kill Lennie. He adds in his things, saying Oleg was a senior KGB Spetsnav and an Afghanistan war veteran in his past, whose through the years, he became into an extremely powerful multi-millionaire crime boss who has vast control over the Russian mob.


At the beginning of the film, he is seen talking to a man whom he had kidnapped. He forces the man to open the safe, only to find it empty. After speaking to his secret employer regarding a debt, he shoots his hostage dead.

Final Fight with Bryan and Death

He is not seen again until the climax, where he is relaxing on a beach. Malankov arranges to meet Stuart downtown, but instead proceeds to flirt with two women in the pool. When Bryan enters the building, Malankov engages him in a shootout in which Malankov gains the upper hand and beats him some more. Malankov points Bryan's gun at him ready to kill him but Bryan grabs him by the leg, takes his gun from him, and shoots Malankov, mortally wounding him. As he dies, Malankov reveals that the whole thing was a setup, and that Stuart had played them against one another, saying that we were ruined by the same man as he dies from his injuries.


Malankov is an intelligent and sophisticated man but at the same time he is a megalomaniacal, greedy, and violent mob leader from the most diabolical kind ever imagined.


  • Despite being the secondary antagonist and having all of ten minutes of screen-time, Malankov served as The Heavy because his killing Lenore is what kicked off the entire plot in the first place, and Stuart's true nature wasn't revealed until the very end.
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