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"We're fucked by the same man."
~ Malankov to Bryan
Oleg Malankov is the secondary main antagonist in the 2015 movie Taken 3. He was introduced as the film's main antagonist, but this was a misinformation campaign to hide the true main villain of the film.

He is portrayed by Sam Spruell who also played Finn (Snow White and the Huntsman).

In the Movie


Oleg is a former KGB Spetsnav and Afghanistan war veteran turned crime boss.


At the beginning of the film, he is seen talking to a man whom he had kidnapped. He forces the man to open the safe, only to find it empty. After speaking to his secret employer regarding a debt, he shoots his hostage dead.

Final Fight with Bryan and Death

He is not seen again until the climax, where he is relaxing on a beach. Malankov arranges to meet Stuart downtown, but instead proceeds to flirt with two women in the pool. When Bryan enters the building, Malankov engages him in a brawl that culminates with Bryan mortally wounding him. As he dies, Malankov reveals that the whole thing was a setup, and that Stuart had played them against one another, saying that we were fucked by the same man before he dies.

Videos - Oleg Malankov's theme by Nathaniel Mechaly.

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