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The Gold-thief aka Olegmon.

Olegmon was one of the Dark Generals of the Bagra Army, the ruler of Gold Land, and was one of the main antagonists of in the second half of the anime Digimon Xros Wars/Fusion. He's also known as the Gold Pirate. He even acted as a minor villain in the reboot of Digimon Adventure.

He is voiced by Kōzō Shiōya in the Japanese version of the anime and Patrick Seitz in the English version of the anime.


Olegmon is an Unknown Level Digimon that looks like a giant orange-skinned pirate with golden armor that resembles treasure chests. He also speaks in a pirate's accent.

Digimon Fusion

After Lord Bagra finished the Code Crown he reformated the Digital World into the 7 Satellite Kingdom. Olegmon became the ruler of Gold Land, while serving AxeKnightmon.

Olegmon casted a spell on Shoutmon and the others by magically chanting. Balistamon and Persiamon Digi-Fused to BaliBastemon to free Shoutmon and his friends from Olegmon's spell. Olegmon then ordered his right-hand, Mermaimon to change Balistamon to his original form, DarkVolumon. Shoutmon, however risked his life to change DarkVolumon back to Balistamon. Then Shoutmon Digi-Xrosed to Shoutmon X4S to fight Olegmon, then Balistamon defeated Olegmon with his Heavy Speaker attack. As Olegmon was fading away, Mikey suggested that Olegmon should be a good guy. Olegmon accepts this, then fades away.

Olegmon reappeared along with the other Death Generals as souless Digimon, and combined together to form the ultimate Dark General, GrandGeneramon.

While Mikey, Shoutmon, Ballistamon, and Dorulumon had their souls in Prison Land, Olegmon befriended Mikey and betrayed Apollomon Whispered and the other Death Generals. With the help of the good Apollomon, he sent Mikey, Olegmon, and his Digimon partners back to the Digital World and Olegmon regained his soul. He helped Shoutmon X7 fight GrandGeneramon, but GrandGeneramon struck the pirate in the stomach, but Olegmon still succeeded in destroying the resurrection core. With the remaining strength, Olegmon distracted GrandGeneramon. However, Olegmon was revived once again (along with Apollomon, Beelzemon, Deckerdramon, and Grademon) during the final battle against DarknessBagramon.

Digimon Adventure:

When Olegmon encountered a group of Divermon and Gwappamon, their island was about to die, and then he recruited them all into his crew with the goal of finding a new place they could all call home. While searching for a home, he wanted his crew to call him a "shogun." When he met with his crew Joe Kido and Mimi Tachikawa and their Digimon friends who were on board Blimpmon on the way, they attacked them, and during the attack, they captured Joe, Gomamon, and ShogunGekomon. But when Joe and Gomamon got out of the dungeon of his ship and heard the truth about him from one of Gwappamon, they challenged him to battle. In battle, Gomamon’s Ultimate form didn’t fare against him, but as Gomamon evolved into Mega form, Vikemon, he began to be a tough opponent to him, and he defeated him. After the defeat, Joe, Mimi, and their Digimon friends also took him and his crew to their respective destinations, and once they got there, he began to consider Joe as a shogun. Later he, his crew and his friends reacted to the attack of a group of Soundbirdmon.

Minions of Olegmon



  • Dual Tomahawk Boomerang
  • Viking Vuffet
  • Age of Discovery
  • Dream Comes True


  • Dream Comes True


  • Age of Discovery



  • Olegmon dies similar to Devimon, slowly disintegrating upwards and laughing. Though where Devimon was taunting Angemon, Olegmon's final words were more friendly towards the protagonists.
  • Since Apollomon Whispered can be considered separate from Apollomon, he is the only Dark General to reform, and thus the only one of the seven to be revived in the final episode (though the true Apollomon is also revived).


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