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Olga and Egghead

Do not worry about cops, darling. My Cossacks are making cops-burgers from them if they buttinski!
~ Olga to Egghead

Olga, the queen of Cossacks is a recurring villain in the Batman 1960's television series and the love interest of Egghead.


In this episode, she appears for the first time. She assits Egghead in kidnapping the commissioner in her balloon. When Batman finds them in their lair, she tries to convince Batman to marry her. When he says that she's already in love with Egghead, she says that a Queen of Cossacks can have many husbands. She also advices Ambassador Orloff to make borscht out of Gordon and Robin as the food of their marriage. Gordon and Robin can escape with the help of Alfred. Olga and Egghead manage to escape and start to steal radium. Egghead needs it because he wants to reawake a dinosaur in an egg with radium beams. When the egg breakes, it reveals a dinosaur. The two villains run screaming out of their lair, only to be picked up by the police. The dinosaur turns out to be Batman in disguise who explains that Egghead's experiment would've been impossible.


  • 'Egghead' - The smartest villain in the world. He was once Olga's fiance and has deep affection for her. But their shared addiction to the criminal lifestyle led them to prison again and again. While Olga and her Cossacks ride horses, Egghead is always riding a mule.
  • Omar Orloff (portrayed by Alfred Dennis) - A Bessarovian Ambassador who is Egghead and Olga's double agent. He attempted to make borscht with Robin and Commissioner Gordon as part of the ingredients.
  • Bessarovan Cossacks - Egghead and Olga's henchmen.


  • She was played by Anne Baxter, who also portrayed Eve Harrington in All About Eve
  • In the episode The Entrancing Doctor Cassandra she isn't shown or mentioned, but Egghead is one of the escaped prisoners