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Oliver is the main antagonist of the 2001 mystery drama film The Pledge.

He is enigmatic child murderer, who becomes friends with young girls, gives them chocolates and then brutally kills them.


Oliver was employee of chocolate shop, where he was selling chocolates in shape of hedgehog. No one knew, that in fact he was a brutal child murderer, who was responsible for deaths of several young girls.

One of his victims - Ginny Larsen drew herself and "The Giant", who gave her hedgehogs. Basing on the drawing, detective Jerry Black found out, that Native American - suspect was innocent.

When Jerry was searching for Ginny's grandmother, he came in to the shop, where Oliver was working. Jerry saw him, not being aware, that in fact, Oliver was the murderer. Black asked Oliver's associate, where can he find girl's grandmother.

Jerry met the local bartender - Lori and soon he became a father figure to her daughter - Chrissy. Oliver met Chrissy, planning later to kill her. Girl explained to Jerry, that she met a wizard who gave her hedgehog chocolates and told her to not tell her parents. Jerry realized, that he is the killer.

Black staged an operation with his friends from work. They wanted to catch him, using Chrissy as bait. In the meantime chocolate shop owner was searching for hedgehogs, screaming "Oliver!", implying that he is murderer.

Oliver was seen from his back driving a black car with toy hedgehog. He was going to meet with Chrissy and kill her, but he didn't see a truck approaching in front of him. After hours of waiting, Jerry's friends left. Oliver, who had a car accident was burnt alive. Jerry's friends saw his corpse and car burning.