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Enri, I'm sorry to do this.... but this is for your own good.
~ Oliver G. Lobelia

Oliver G. Lobelia is one of the supporting characters in the 2017 video game Purgatory and the main antagonist of the 2021 video game Purgatory 2. He is one of Emma S. White's friends, who shows objection to the latter's decision of sending Enri Louvre into the Purgatory. In the second game, Purgatory 2, it is revealed that he is the member of House Lobelia, and is one of the members of Lobelia Corporation, a company that specializes in unethical experimentation including the creation of artificial demons for rather nefarious means.


Oliver is a teenage boy who has green hair and green eyes. He is seen wearing a green coat within his white shirt, as well as a necklace with a silver dog tag attached to a black string.


On the outside, Oliver appears nice and is the only person to show sympathy for Enri. He goes so far in objecting Emma S. White and Lukas D. Purple's decision to send Enri down the depths of Purgatory, as he finds their decision absurd and rather immature.

While that seems to be the case, for the most part, on the inside, Oliver is actually known to be much more callous, cruel, and sadistic, often showing no regard and remorse for the damage he causes in achieving his goals. A good example of this was when Oliver planned to create a powerful demon in an attempt to destroy the Royal Capital with little to no regard to its citizens.

Oliver is also known to show sadistic pleasure towards people he does not consider as a threat.



During the attack of the Butcher, which caused Lukas to be killed, Oliver saved Enri Louvre by pushing her inside the building within the Purgatory to protect her. After protecting Enri, he was later supposedly killed by the Demon.

Purgatory 2

It is revealed, however, that it was Lukas who was killed and fell down, and it was not Oliver who was killed. Later on, it is also revealed that Oliver masterminded the entire events of the prequel, including Lukas's death and his supposed "death", as he is actually the member of the powerful House Lobelia and is one of the members of the Lobelia Corporation.

Oliver's heinous plan was to turn Enri into a "perfect demon", but his plan was thwarted. Oliver once orchestrated another plan to destroy the Royal Capital by using Neun-02, but to his dismay, the latter defected, who later sided with Enri, Emma White, and Ebel Alfie, thus making his plan a failure. He was later last heard in the game's True End, Neverending Malice, when he was presumably killed by an explosion by D-005 by blasting the Purgatory's door open.

Powers and Abilities

  • Cyborg Enhancements: Oliver had his body completely modified to that of a cyborg.
    • Arm Cannon: Oliver's left arm is cybernetically equipped with an Anti-Material Rifle capable of causing destruction to demons.
    • Explosive Reactive Armor (ERA): Oliver is set to explode, giving him an advantage in close range combat.
  • Vast Wealth and Authority: Oliver has command over numerous terrifying Demons and the Lobelia Corporation.
  • Intelligence: Oliver is widely known to be sophisticated and intelligent, having orchestrated the events of the first two games. He is even smart enough to remember every detail about every student in his school, such as Ebel's special ability.


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