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I've never been good at relationships. Longest was a couple of weeks, and she was chained to my radiator, so I guess that doesn't much count.
~ Oliver Saxon

Daniel Vogel, better known as Oliver Saxon, is the main antagonist of the eighth and final season of the TV series Dexter. He is a serial killer known as "The Brain Surgeon" who removes parts of his victims' brains, and who becomes Dexter Morgan's nemesis.

He was portrayed by Darri Ingolfsson.



Daniel Vogel was born on December 23rd, 1968 to Evelyn Vogel and Richard Vogel. For the first few years of his life, everything was fairly normal until 1982, at the age of 14, Daniel decided to drown his younger brother Richard Vogel Jr. in their families' pool simply because his younger brother was getting more attention than him. When his parents discovered their son's body, they first assumed it to be an accident since he was quite young but soon managed to figure out their oldest son actually killed him. They covered up the incident as an accident and Evelyn became a psychiatrist to try and help her only son so he wouldn't be sent to prison.

Until Daniel was 17 years old, he stayed in a psychiatric hospital for young children. One day, Daniel decided to escape and did so by starting a fire that ending with seven children dead. One of the victims, the real Oliver Saxon, was so badly burned he couldn't be identified, so Daniel Vogel faked his death and took his name as his new persona. Not much is known what happened right after the fire, but in 2008, Oliver Saxon moved to Miami, Florida where he hid in plain sight as a building inspector and got a girlfriend, Cassie Jollenston.

A Beautiful Day

Oliver Saxon's first victim that was discovered by the Miami Metro Police Department was a mechanic named Robert Bailey. A large portion of his brain had been scooped out of his skull after being shot in the chest and dumped in a public area. Back at the police department, the deputy chief introduces Evelyn Vogel to everyone as she's going to help on the case. Evelyn explains the portion of the brain that was removed from Robert Bailey's skull was the anterior insular cortex, the part of the brain that controls empathy, which Oliver Saxon has none for anybody. The medical examiner reveals that Robert had been locked inside a small space for nearly a week since he was also dehydrated and starving when he was finally killed.

Every Silver Lining

Evelyn Vogel tells Dexter Morgan that she knows exactly who the killer is and how she knows him, Oliver Saxon is her son, and he had left another part of Robert's brain in a jar at her front doorstep. Evelyn asks Dexter to help her, but he refuses since he only goes after killers he is interested in or has personal grudges against, not requests. Meanwhile Oliver Saxon has kidnapped two men, Lyle Sussman and Leonard Welks, and forces Lyle to kill Leonard by strangling him to death while at gunpoint, then shoots him in the head afterwards to make it look like he committed suicide to pin his murder on him.

Leonard's body is later found in the middle of a skate park and once again, a piece of his brain was scooped out by Oliver. Dexter finds the plastic bag that was used to kill Leonard and finds Lyle Sussman's fingerprints on it. Dexter investigates his homes an discovers that he was a big game hunter in his spare time, deciding to further search to see if Sussman is the real killer and finds his body hanging from a meat hook outside his cabin. Believing Sussman was the killer who was working with an accomplice, he informs Evelyn Vogel, who still believes her son is the real killer. Later, Evelyn calls Dexter from her home about an intruder and he later arrives but only finds a DVD with the recording of Lyle being forced to kill Leonard before being shot with a pistol.

What's Eating Dexter Morgan

Later on when the MMPD investigate the scene, Lyle's body had been moved by Oliver who has shot his body through the mouth and out the back of his head with a rifle to make it look a suicide, though only Dexter knows the truth there. Meanwhile, Evelyn receives two more pieces of brains in jars outside her home, this time labeled "His" and "Hers". The brain pieces are the ones responsible for sight, telling both Dexter and Evelyn that Oliver now knows he's watching them.

A Little Reflection

After Dexter and Evelyn believed they had dealt with the Brain Surgeon, a previous patient of Evelyn named A.J. Yates, Dexter has lunch with Cassie Jollenston, neither of whom know who Oliver Saxon really is. Later on while at a friend's birthday party, Dexter notices Cassie speaking with Oliver and she introduces the both of them where Dexter learns his name.

Dress Code

The next day, Dexter sees both Oliver and Cassie outside her apartment before they both enter while he teaches his protégé Zach Hamilton how to control his murderous urges. When Cassie is found dead in her apartment the next day, having been beaten to death with a statue, Dexter suspects Zach of losing control like he had before.

Are We There Yet?

After Dexter tracks Zach down to The Keys where he believes Zach is in hiding and finding him, he criticizes him on trying to poorly replicate his kill rooms but discovers Zach had not been trying to kill another innocent person, but a murderer named Shawn Decker. This convinces Dexter Zach was framed for Cassie's murder and helps him clean up the evidence of Shawn's murder. Back in Miami once he returns home, Dexter finds Zach's dead body sitting in his chair with a piece of brain removed, revealing he was wrong about A.J. Yates.

Make Your Own Kind of Music

After finding a few of Oliver's hairs inside his apartment next to Zach's body, he takes it to his lab at Miami Metro and discovers that the killer is related to Evelyn. Once he confronts her, she tells him how Oliver Saxon had killed her youngest son and escaped with a new name, confirming Oliver is the real killer. Evelyn asks Dexter to not kill her only living son if he finds him again and Dexter pretends to agree to spare him, but secretly wanting to avenge Zach. Figuring Oliver might be tracking everything Evelyn does on her computer, Dexter has her write a fake entry in her online journal that she's going to be going to eat at a local diner later and goes there to try and capture Oliver.

While spying on Oliver outside the café until he gets annoyed at his mother not showing up and leaving, Dexter follows him with a tranquilizer, but Oliver drivers off after deflating his car tires. Dexter manages to get to her house and warns her about her son coming to her, but Evelyn angrily tells him to leave since he had drugged her earlier to prevent her from going to see him. As he's leaving though, it's revealed Oliver was there the entire time.

Goodbye Miami

Oliver Saxon accuses his mother of abandoning him in the insane asylum so many years ago, but she insists she was only trying to help him after he killed his own brother. He jealously accuses her of caring more about Dexter than her own son and then angrily leaves her home, though later returns to bring her to his kill room at an abandoned psychiatric hospital where he kills all his victims. He then pretends to genuinely want help from Evelyn, wanting her to let him kill freely as Dexter does, and she believes his lies and hugs him for the first time in decades.

After letting her go, Dexter shows Evelyn a video he had took from his computer of himself cutting out Zach's brain while he was still alive, she reluctantly agrees to finally let Dexter kill her son, though she wants to give one final goodbye to him. After letting him into her home with the promise of tea, Oliver quickly notices her very nervous appearance and realizes that she's betrayed him. When Dexter arrives at her house, her light suddenly turns on and Dexter watches as Oliver slashes her throat with a kitchen knife and then flee the house. Dexter runs inside to comfort her as she dies.

Monkey in a Box

Now wanting to kill Oliver by himself, Dexter takes all the files Evelyn had on Oliver. Meanwhile, Oliver is at the MMPD clearing his name on Cassie's murder. Later on at Dexter's apartment, they both meet and Oliver offers Dexter a truce and also warns him that he has much more to lose than he does. Dexter pretends to agree to the truce and once Oliver leaves, Dexter warns Debra of his threats. Not intending to follow along with Oliver's truth either, he anonymously gives the MMPD physical evidence as well as video evidence to make Oliver a wanted man. Oliver learns of Dexter's betrayal at a gas station when he sees his name on the news, then rushes to his apartment to kill him, however Debra points a gun at the back of his head while Dexter sedates him.

Wanting Debra to be a hero to Miami while he has Oliver strapped to his own kill table, he calls her over to his kill room so she can arrest him and Dexter tells him he's going to be sent to the electric chair before leaving. However, on her way to Saxon, she's followed by Deputy Marshall Clayton who finds Oliver before she does. Oliver pretends to be an innocent victim and Clayton releases him, who then immediately stabs him to death. Debra sees this and shoots him in the arm but he takes Clayton's gun and shoots her in the stomach.

Remember the Monsters?

After escaping and getting his arm fixed by a veterinarian, Oliver decides to go to the hospital Debra is at to kill her, using the poor man as a distraction by cutting his tongue off and sending him inside, sneaking past during the chaos, but Saxon is arrested by Lieutenant Angel Batista. After Debra goes into a coma due to a blood clot after her surgery, Dexter visits Oliver in the interrogation room. Knowing the camera watching the room has no sound to it, he tells Oliver that he's going to kill him with a pen on the table. Oliver goes for it first and goes for Dexter's neck, but he moves at just the right time to stab Dexter's shoulder, who then punches Oliver in the face and stabs Oliver in the neck with the pen. Oliver falls to the ground and quickly chokes to death on his own blood.


As a "perfect psychopath" (coined by Dexter Morgan himself), Saxon was devoid of empathy, remorse, and fear. His other traits include being very intelligent, manipulative, cunning, ruthless, and able to mimic normal human emotions.

Oliver was essentially the personification of pure evil and malevolence in the Dexter universe. He had absolutely no redeeming traits or qualities, he was incapable of remorse or empathy, he seemed to revel in the fact that he tortured and murdered innocent people for no reason whatsoever to the point where even Dexter considered him a complete monster. Unlike every other Dexter antagonist or villain, Saxon was born to be a killer. He was the only villain who was truly incapable of empathy or any real human emotion, which made him, by far, the most dangerous villain on the show.

He was sadistic toward his victims, torturing them both physically and psychologically. Saxon found the experience of killing to be cathartic and genuinely enjoyed it. Lacking a moral code, Saxon could murder anyone without a second thought, even his own family members.

Because of this, Oliver was the most vile, twisted, and evil antagonist Dexter had ever faced. In the end, despite his death, Saxon was the one who completely destroyed Dexter's life and ended his reign as the Bay Harbor Butcher.


  • Robert Bailey - Shot in the chest by Oliver Saxon, shown dead.
  • Leonard Welks - Strangled to death by Lyle Sussman, coerced at gunpoint by Saxon.
  • Lyle Sussman - Shot in the back of the head and then back of the head impaled on a meat hook by Oliver Saxon, found dead.
  • Cassie Jollenston - Head bludgeoned with a statue by Oliver Saxon, found dead.
  • Zach Hamilton - Back of head cut open with a bone saw while still alive by Oliver Saxon, found dead.
  • Richard Vogel Jr. - Drowned in a pool by Oliver Saxon, mentioned.
  • Seven Children - Burned alive in a fire set by Oliver Saxon, mentioned.
  • Evelyn Vogel - Throat slit with a kitchen knife by Oliver Saxon.
  • Max Clayton - Stabbed in the chest with a knife by Oliver Saxon.
  • Debra Morgan - Shot in the stomach Oliver Saxon, which later lead to a blood clot to form in her brain that put her in a permanent coma, and later mercifully taken off life support by Dexter.
    • Total - 16



  • Saxon's success in mortally wounding Deb was the cause for Dexter's exile, making him, alongside Arthur Mitchell, the only antagonist to score a victory over Dexter.

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