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Oliver Wilkerson is a recurring character and villain from the FOX animated sitcom The Cleveland Show. He is the popular but deaf captain of the football team at Stoolbend High School, who (surprisingly despite the former trait) is also the school bully. He frequently bullies the unpopular students of his school, such Junior for being fat. He is shown to have leadership over the popular kids of his class and his closest friends appear to be Derek, Laine, and Reggie, who often appear alongside him when he bullies others (though they are often seen without him)

He was voiced by Mike Henry.


Oliver first appears in "Ladies' Night", where he ran against Cleveland Junior for school president. Oliver was bound to win, on account of his disability. So Junior pretended to be blind, in order to level the playing field. In one of the campaign speeches, Junior noticed a spotlight about to fall on him, so he jumped out and saved him. This proved he wasn't blind, but Junior still won the election, because Oliver dropped out of the election, thinking Junior was more qualified, since he was nice enough to let him live.

In "It's the Great Pancake, Junior Brown", his most notorious role as an antagonist, Oliver and his gang of three closest jock friends bullied Junior for trick-or-treating at the age of 14 by egging him, and later vandalized his house, including the Halloween decorations. Junior sadly gave up his childish ways and tried acting more like a teenager. He went to Oliver's party, but was only bullied even more by Oliver's group. Cleveland had had enough of his son being treated that way and so he, Junior, and the guys all went to his house and egged it, and then egged Oliver and his gang of bullies. While Junior was glad to get revenge on him, Cleveland reminded Oliver and his cronies would possibly get revenge on Junior the next day at school.


  • His license plate reads "IKNTHR", or "I Can't Hear".

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