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Ollie is a minor antagonist in the 2005 direct-to-DVD animated Barbie film, Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus. He is a giant who had lived in the Forbidden Forest.

He is voiced by John DeSantis.


Ollie sets up into the hole with had time to making somebody to trapped which would offering his cooking pot. He is very gloomy while yet looks like for sometimes insane. With had that is Annika, who arriving in Forbidden Forest with her older sister, Brietta, and her polar bear sidekick, Shiver, in ordered to finds Wand of Light to helping removing the evil spells by Wenlock, the warlock who is tries to marry her which it turning his wives into trolls and served him. She endures plans because Wenlock freezing Annika's parents and everyone in ice rink after their joined the festival.

As for Shiver falling into Ollie's trap in fact is found by Annika, so they also covering on cooking pot. Ollie returns to his home as well as after taking a few vegetables, including carrots, turnips, and onions. He owes for time is preparing to cook then being taunting by the princess and the polar bear. Ollie takes the foods into pot and sets on fire due to Shiver and Annika are hearing his voice is better fervour. When he actually frightened Annika deliberately by eating an onion. His screams were extremely nasty, so he was being tallest which looked likes another giant, Goliath.

However, Ollie was rage away until that punching on pots as he being stronger as Goliath and not really weak due to his void strength. Annika teased him much more times, and she planned to run away with Shiver. Ollie is about to perform ripping a wood in half with his two hands, and using his punch to smash the door. Annika immediately used a hair ribbon to hang on the carrot and crawled out of the pot, leaving with Shiver. Ollie could not be released after he was tied up, after all he found that the two girls had escaped. Horrible thing, his house really collapsed, Ollie said a few words that he lost his lunch.


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