Come play with us, Critic! Come play with us. Come play with us, Critic! Forever and ever and ever and ever.
~ Olsen Twins

The Olsen Twins are aliens in the Channel Awesome show and appeared in the Full House episode. They are based on the real-life twins of the same names

During the show the Nostalgia Critic began to have disturbing hints that the Twins were not as they appeared, and because of their seeming perfection he wondered if they were something else.

The Olsen Twins irritated the Critic so much that he was relieved when the show was over and he wondered if the Twins were something more than they seemed. Finally he got the idea to play their dialogue backwards.

When played backwards the first bit revealed "Watch our show so we can make money!" and then he suddenly noticed a nametag on their shirt saying "Manufactured on planet Volplax" to which the Critic suddenly had a brainwave and shouted that the Olsen Twins were aliens and that the people must know. The Critic found out that the Olsen Twins were bent on hegemony and wanted Earth. So he began stumbling round his house, but in a spoof of The Shining, he found the Olsen Twins standing eerily at the end of a corridor, inviting him to "come play with them." The Twins kept repeating this phrase, scaring the Critic, but he shot their heads off.

Relieved they were apparently dead, the Critic laughed about their "stupid" plan at world domination, but then did a comedic twist that they would not resurrect themselves because he had killed them. When he turned round to go down the hall, he said "See, nothing there," to which the resurrected Twins said "Uh huh" and scared the Critic. He was chased into a corner by the aliens. But he awoke at his desk, and it was a dream. Just then the Twins appeared roaring at him.

He awoke again, and this time it seemed like a dream. But when he was about to leave, the Twins appeared again, and then he awoke, and this time it was a dream, to which the Critic said he needed a drink to calm his nerves, and ran off.

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