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Omar Bahir, otherwise known as The Sword, is the main antagonist of the Sahara Arc of World Edition in Criminal Case.


Omar was a 53-year-old professor who specialized in Ancient Arabic and war strategy. Sometime prior to the events of the Sahara Region, SOMBRA contacted Omar and gave him the mission of uniting the region into a singular cell. As The Sword, Omar manipulates several rebels throughout the Sahara into overthrowing their leaders, thus culminating in a massive war. When the Bureau becomes involved, Omar shoots Chief Elizabeth with a poison dart in order to cover his tracks. The rest of the arc consists of the Bureau trying to find Elizabeth's killer.

Omar is first introduced in "Murder by Proxy" in which he is interrogated for the murder of a military attache. Even though he was cleared of the charges, it would appear that he had connections to many rebel leaders. When asked in regards to this development, Omar explains that Jonah Karam had gone to him about going to speak to some tribal leaders about a rebellion, but he refused to comply.

In "Killing Spring," Omar manipulates a young man, named Hamza Boussefi, into leading a rebellion against the Sultan. When Hamza is found murdered, Omar is once again made a suspect. It is also made aware to the Bureau that the Sultan contacted Bahir on tribal strategy, but Omar claimed that it was too complicated to discuss. In "The Parting Shot", Omar coerces Anir Aznag -- the leader of the Nojwa nomadic tribe - into helping him kidnap 8-year-old Andrew Stern, the son of U. S. Ambassador Jessica Stern, so to draw the Bureau out. He sends them a letter that was drenched in Andrew's tears. Despite knowing that this was a trap, Carmen and the player chase The Sword to war-torn Iraq. Upon arriving, they discover the beheaded body of Anir. Andrew mentions whilst being drilled that he heard his two kidnappers argue in Arabic, until one fell silent, meaning that Omar murdered Anir, most likely because he had no further use for him.

When confronted, Omar confesses that he was The Sword, and how he was sent to sow the seeds of conflict and discord onto the Sahara Region. Before he could get apprehended, Omar produces a poison grenade, fully intent on killing Carmen and the player all while gloating that he had already taken the antidote for the poison. Without any warning, Omar is shot in the forehead, and he collapses on the ground. It is shown that Jonah was the one who fired the shot, as he had suspicions about Omar.