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Omega House is a Bithiestic religious cult disguised as a sorority and they are led by the woman called "Jane". It only appears in the Season 6 episode "Fun with Jane and Jane" of King of the Hill.

The cult brainwashes its members by depriving them of protein, contact with all friends and family, selling jams and jellies and hazing. In the end, the members will want nothing to do with their old lives, embrace their new lives and new names, which is always "Jane" (or have a surname, but always have "Jane" in it), and they only want one job: selling the cult's jam and jelly products. Soon the members are sent on a bus to work at the ranch where the cult produces the jam and jelly products. Dale Gribble once exterminated at one of the Omega sorority houses; the cult paid him in their jams and jellies.

Beliefs and Practices in the Omega House

They believe that all members are to give up their birth name in exchange for the one Jane. Jane is the name of their founder. To raise funds, they sell berry flavored jams.


The religion worship as Monotheistic that mean they worship one deity. Their symbol is the letter Omega and their goddess is Old Jane.


They only eat rice, as all other foods (except for jam, jellies, and possibly English muffins) are considered to be sinful.


They meditate for Jane along praying to the Omega symbol or Old Jane like typical religion.


They believe worship to Old Jane and omega symbol.

Members of the Omega house

  • Jane (Founder)
  • Jane the leader at Omega House of Alren Community College
  • Lisa (deprogrammed and former member)
  • Blonde Jane (former)
  • Old Jane (former)
  • Other Janes (all former)


  • The title is a reference to the popular children's series Fun with Dick and Jane, written by William S. Gray and Zena Sharp.
  • The brainwashed cult member Jane whose real name was Lisa and who introduced Hank Hill's niece Luanne Platter to the Omega House cult before being deprogammed and rescued by her mother, was voiced by Anna Faris of Scary Movie fame.
  • The other Omega House member whose real was Bonnie, was voiced by Tara Stong.