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Omega Spawn also known as Omega the Conquer is a major villain in the Spawn series.

He is one of the oldest hellspawns in the spawn universe and had many clones of him though not as strong and was the main villain of the canceled image crossover event Image United.


Omega spawn was one of the many hellspawns born after the original Plague Spawn. The Omega Spawn the strongest class of hellspawns with the original Omega the Conquer being the most powerful. Since it's birth Omega had waged war against hell for centuries with his power nearly equaling to Malebolgia himself and he later laid waste to Hell's army and later decides to take over earth, The were other omegas but they were just clones of the original and nowhere near as powerful as the original. At a later point Omega decides to give up his conquest of earth and decides to go into space becoming a galactic conquer instead and was sucessful in making his army and taking over planets that are more worthy of his time. Later on after the events of Spawn 301 after Spawn denoted his symbiote causing a space time rift Omega in the present time was trying to conquer a new planet and was sucked into the portal causing him to be stranded in earth once again. Enraged by this he vowed to get back at al for this and decides to conquer earth again.

Later having his own cult Omega had his follower build him a ship to get off earth after conquering it to resume his quest and later had monolith a new hellspawn capture al. He also had captured Cogliostro at this time and interrogated Al for his bomb sending back on earth later on Monlith betrays omega and had freed al causing omega to seemligy kill him. Al and Medevial spawn who took control over Marc Rosen's body saves spawn and the duo hold their own against omega until Plague spawn arrives. Plague Spawn appears and attacks omega damaging his arm and causing an explosion wonding Omega and forcing him into hiding.

Aside from the original during the downing arc Al himself becomes a clone of Omega Spawn and was controlled by Malebolgia who at the time possessed freak's body. In the short lived crossover event Image United Omega Spawn took control over Al and becomes the most powerful villain agains the image comics superheroes.

In the Adventures of Spawn mini series a robot called Omega spawn appears as an ally of Spawn against Mammon and his allies.

Powers and abilities

Omega Spawn is a hellspawn and thus has superhuman strength,speed,stamina,durablity,and longevity. In addition he also can command an army and uses magic which heals his wounds.