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And this is super unlucky!
~ Omikuji World's final words before his initial demise

The Omikuji World is one of two antagonists (the other is the Great Omikuji World) in episode 45 of 2022 TV series called Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger. He's a fortune slip-themed World from the Kikaitopia Dynasty Tojitendo who was created from the Omikuji Tojiru Gear that contained Omikujitopia. After his death, his Tojiru Gear lasted another life by reforming a Kudaitest into the Great Omikuji World.

He is voiced by Daisuke Sakaguchi who previously voiced a Human Body Specimen Org, Keeper Knight and later the Great Omikuji World.


The Omikuji World made his first appearance in the shopping district as he placed a couple of fortune slips (which reads as bad lucks) on every citizens foreheads until he was spotted by Magine and Vroon were out shopping for groceries.

After the intro Magine was excited that there was even a world filled of fortunes, but Vroon pointed out to her which can be dreadful as she agrees, so with that they transformed and open fired at the Omikuji World from behind. They demand to set the world of Omikuji free, but instead he used his Mugen Mikuji and fired a fortune at the duo giving them well bad lucks (as indicated when a sign has dropped onto both of them). They tried to deal some damage towards the Omikuji World, but no matter what bad luck will always follow them. Luckily (no pun intended) Kaito, Juran and Gaon arrived on scene as they assist they're misfortune friends, but suddenly when they arrived to the said scene the Omikuji World somehow disappeared. Now here's a catch if they don't defeat the Omikuji World anytime soon everyone else will be having bad lucks for the rest of their lives.

A while later he appeared at a parking lot and he was about to give more people some misfortune when he was shot down by the arrival of Kaito, Gaon and Juran. So with that the trio transformed and battle the Omikuji World as he summons an army of Kudakks to aid him in battle. During the fight Gaon claimed that the Omikuji World is a fraud with just bad lucks, so in retaliation the Omikuji World used his Mugen Mikuji and fired more fortune this time at the Kudakks giving them well good luck. Giving the robotic henchmen the edge in their favor as the Zenkaigers hilariously gets hit by their good fortune. Once the team are preoccupied by the good lucked Kudakks the Omikuji World used his Mugen Mikuji and fired three fortunes to Kaito, Gaon and Juran each giving them bad lucks and with that all five of them as indicated by the Omikuji World their now known as "Bad Luckger". Kaito tries to counter this bad luck state as he tries to summon the Zenkaiju Gear only for it to get hit by a moving truck. He then tried to use Sentai Gear #41 to give him good luck, but instead once he flipped the lid he received even more bad luck as he accidentally fired at a fire hydrant causing it to spray water at the misfortune hero (on the bright side at least it'll clean off the bird poop from his head).

A while later Kaito used the Zenryoku Cannon in hopes of summoning some assistants only for it to summon these three defeated warriors as they were tossed to the side by the Omikuji World, so with that Magine has fed up with this mishap as she tries desperately to take on the Omikuji World by herself only for him to punch her back despite her bad luck being good luck. So with this encouragement thanks to Magine the team manage to land a couple of hits onto the Omikuji World while bad lucks are going around them and after that he was then destroyed by this fortunate finisher which is Pink Vibrance, thus everyone fortune whether it was good or bad lucks are back to normal.



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