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The Omnidroids are major antagonists in Pixar's 6th full-length animated feature film The Incredibles.

Created by the supervillain Syndrome, the Omnidroids were a series of powerful battle robots designed to kill superheroes, as part of his plan to fraudulently gain the reputation of a superhero.


The Incredibles

In the film, Syndrome used his Omnidroids as a key element in his plan. First, the Omnidroids would be tested on various superheroes that could interfere with his plans, thus killing off a great number of his enemies. If a superhero managed to destroy an Omnidroid, Syndrome would modify it and make it more capable against its heroic opponents, and would then test its capabilities on the super that previously destroyed it. Syndrome especially wanted to make sure his robots could defeat Mr. Incredible, and he finally tried with the Omnidroid 08.

Mr. Incredible managed to destroy it, thus resulting in Syndrome creating the prototype to his next robot - the Omnidroid 09. The Omnidroid 09 managed to defeat Mr. Incredible, but Syndrome stopped it to confront Mr. Incredible personally.

After a series of events that eventually led to Mr. Incredible's capture, Syndrome released his final robot, the Omnidroid 10 (the 09 was its basis), on the nearby city of Metroville.

His plan was to appear as a new superhero, "defeat" the robot and gain fame, so that he could later sell his inventions to allow everyone to become super, making the term "super" meaningless.

Unfortunately, the robot was able to defeat Syndrome and knock him unconscious before attacking the city on its own. Mr. Incredible later arrived with his family and managed to defeat it.

With Syndrome's death, the creation of the Omnidroids cease.

Incredibles 2

Although the Omnidroids do not physically appear in the film, the Omnidroid 10 made a cameo appearance on an image displaying Frozone during the latter, Mr. Incredible, and Elastigirl's meeting with Winston Deavor.

Models and Evolution

Omnidroid 01

The Omnidroid 01

The very first and most primordial version of the Omnidroid, distinguished by being the only one with tank treads. It killed Universal Man, Psychwave, and Everseer. It was eventually destroyed by Macroburst.

The distinction of it having primitive tank treads and no other options for locomotion could imply that this particular Omnidroid model was created early on in Syndrome's revenge scheme against hero-kind and represented his early inexperience in robotics before improving on it in later evolutions of the Omnidroid series.

Omnidroid 02

The Omnidroid 02

The second version of the Omnidroid. It killed Macroburst, Phylange, and Blazestone, then later on was destroyed by Downburst.

Omnidroid 03

The Omnidroid 03

The third version of the Omnidroid. It killed Downburst before being destroyed by Hyper Shock not long after.

Omnidroid 04

The Omnidroid 04

The fourth version of the Omnidroid. It killed Hyper Shock, Apogee, Tradewind, Blitzerman, Vectress, and two unnamed Supers.

The superhero Gazerbeam destroyed it. A droid kind of like it is seen in level 7 "Nomanisan Island" of the videogame as a common enemy.

Omnidroid 05

The Omnidroid 05

The fifth version of the Omnidroid. This version looks close to the final version and is just before the point where it can roll. It killed Gazerbeam and Stormicide. After which, it met its end by Gamma Jack.

Omnidroid 06

The Omnidroid 06

The sixth version of the Omnidroid. It killed Gamma Jack (due to EMP-proof electronics that it uses) and fought an unnamed Super.

This was the first incarnation of the Omnidroid that had evolved both a spherical body and the ability to roll, both traits would show up later the Omnidroid's evolution as permanent evolutionary traits follow its design.

It is currently unknown if it killed the nameless Super or was destroyed by the Super.

Omnidroid 07

The Omnidroid 07

The seventh version of the Omnidroid. Its schematics were shown in the message sent to Mr. Incredible by Mirage.

Nothing else is known about it except Syndrome, who must have kept the original schematics of the other Omnidroids, including this one.

Omnidroid 08

The Omnidroid 08

The eighth version of the Omnidroid. Mirage mistakenly refers to it as the Omnidroid 9000, when in fact that version does not exist yet, it is the eighth version. It has five legs and a blue visored sensor cluster.

It fought Mr. Incredible in a jungle during his mission. Mr. Incredible led it toward and tossed it into a lava pit, but this was ineffective. In order to destroy it, he ripped off its bottom sensor cluster and climbed into it.

Making the droid beat itself up to try and get him out, only to weaken it to exhaustion, Mr. Incredible popped off its upper sensor cluster and lured it in to tear out its brainpan, felling the droid.

Omnidroid 09

It's bigger! It's badder! Ladies and gentlemen, it's too much for Mr. Incredible!
~ Syndrome describing the Omnidroid 09 as it overpowers Mr. Incredible

The Omnidroid 09

The ninth version of the Omnidroid. It is much larger than its predecessor, as well as more intelligent and very fast. It also has an orange eye.

It was used to ambush Mr. Incredible as a part of Syndrome's personal vendetta. Its file says it "terminated" Mr. Incredible, though Syndrome actually dealt with Mr. Incredible himself.

In reality, however, Mr. Incredible never actually died, as he faked his death by hiding behind Gazerbeam's skeleton when Syndrome's scanner attempted to track his life signs.

Omnidroid 10

The Omnidroid 10

The tenth and final version of the Omnidroid. It is identical to, but much larger than its predecessor, the 09. However, it also has a blue laser cannon and a red eye. It also has the ability to fly, but previous versions may have also had this ability. It was involved in operation Kronos, where Syndrome, believing that he was the only person left capable of defeating it, would do so by using his remote.

With its high intelligence, the Omnidroid discovered that Syndrome was using a remote to control it, and immediately shot the remote off of his hand before knocking him unconscious. The Omnidroid then resumed its attack on the city. The controller was later obtained by members of the Mr. Incredible's family and Frozone, who used it to help defeat the Omnidroid. The Omnidroid was finally defeated when Mr. Incredible used its own claw with the thruster on it to rip out the brain, shutting it down. It fell into a lake and exploded, ending up with TERMINATED in the file after its destruction.


  • One of the Omnidroids makes a cameo appearance inside Andy's room in Toy Story 3.


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