Omura is the other of the two main antagonists in the film The Last Samurai (along with Colonel Bagley). He is a businessman from Japan who is assisting the Emperor in westernizing their country.

He was portrayed by Masato Harada.


Because of the Emperor's interest in everything western, Omura has been hiring every western expert he can find, such as Dutch Architects, French Lawyers, and German Engineers. However, the samurai resent these changes and, although stilled remain loyal to the throne, refused to use guns. Because of the rebellion of the samurai, Omura hires American soldiers, such as Colonel Bagley and Captain Nathan Algren, to train an army to replace the samurai. In exchange for training the soldiers, Omura and the Emperor promise a trade agreement for America.

The new Imperial army is called into action when the samurai attack a railroad Omura owns, even though Captain Algren insists that they are not ready. After the Imperial army is defeated by the samurai and Algren is taken captive by the samurai as their prisoner, Omura realizes that Algren was right about the Imperial army not being ready, so during the fall and winter the Imperial army being training harder with the help of Bagley. However, Omura hires a group of ninja to infiltrate the village the samurai live in and kill Katsumoto, the leader of the Samurai rebellion. But the Ninjas are defeat by Katsumoto and the samurai, alongside Algren who had formed a bond with the Samurai during his time as their captive.

After the final battle between Omura and Katsumoto's forces, Omura returned to the Imperial Palace to witness the signing of the treaty with the United States. Before Emperor Meiji could sign the treaty, Algren came in to present the late Katsumoto's sword to the Emperor. Realizing that Omura was corrupt and only looking out for his own interests, the Emperor decided not to sign the treaty.

Omura protested but the Emperor told him he had done enough and that he should not mind when the Emperor seized Omura's assets to give as a gift to the Japanese people. When Omura complained that the Emperor shamed him, Meiji offered him Katsumoto's sword and told him that if his shame was too much to bear to use Katsumoto's sword on himself.

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