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How can you all be Sith? We were taught there were never more than two, a Master and an apprentice.
You were taught the old ways. We are only one Sith now.
~ Alema Rar and White Eyes about the One Sith.

The One Sith, otherwise known as the New Sith Order, is a powerful order comprised of Sith lords and are the major antagonists in the New Jedi Order era and the main antagonist faction in Legacy era of the Star Wars Legends continuity. The One Sith is an order of Sith lords founded and lead by Darth Krayt who sought to expand conflict across the galaxy and have the Sith regain control over the galaxy and establish a new Sith Empire.


Rise of Darth Krayt

Darth Tenebrous, prior to his death, had predicted the rise of what he called "the One Sith" had been predicted by him and whose predictions matched the ascent of Darth SidiousDarth Plagueis, more than they do the coming of Krayt's One Sith, although this was a direct reference to Sidious. Darth Krayt, a former Jedi Master, soon founded the organization and became the leader of a new generation of Sith lords. Coming to a galaxy ravaged by the Clone Wars, the Galactic Civil War, and the Yuuzhan Vong War, A'Sharad Hett viewed the galaxy as weak and fractured and was in need of a single will to retain order and make it strong again.

Equipped with the knowledge acquired from the Sith Holocrons found on the ancient Sith world of Korriban and renaming himself Darth Krayt after the fierce creature from his home world, Tatooine, he re-established the Sith Order under his leadership and thus earned the title of Dark Lord of the Sith. Krayt's new Sith order differed from Darth Bane's Order of the Sith Lords in that he decided to abolish the ancient Rule of Two and instead replace it with the Rule of One - a new system where many other Sith serve under the will of the Dark Lord. He believed that the Sith needed to grow in strength over decades, while the Jedi Order had become weakened and compromised due to their lack of ruthlessness. As such, the One Sith kept their existence a secret even after Darth Caedus launched his war against the Jedi. Once the balance of power had shifted, Krayt and his order would execute their agenda to secure absolute rule of the Sith to the galaxy.

Krayt's order was founded sometime around the year 30 ABY. Its agents, including both Lomi Plo and Welk, were active during the Yuuzhan Vong War and by the year 40 ABY, the order had numbered by thirty. The new Sith weren't connected with Lumiya and her plans to make Jacen Solo into a Sith lord, which ended up culminating the former Jedi Knight's ascension into Darth Caedus in 40 ABY. Although Krayt had claimed the title of Dark Lord and was contested by Caedus, the One Sith had remained in hiding even during Caedus and Lumiya's Sith and their war against the Jedi.

The existence of two separate Sith orders had arisen due to the philosophical differences between Krayt and others who had also wished to continue to Sith and maintain their existence and continuation. Vergere, a failed Sith apprentice of the infamous Darth Sidious, had encountered Hett in Yuuzhan Vong captivity prior to the Yuuzhan Vong War and had philosophical discussions with him but ultimately left him behind as they did not see eye-to-eye on certain matters. Lumiya, a former pupil of Darth Vader, apparently encountered him sometime during the Yuuzhan Vong War, but had opted out to instead reject his vision for the Sith. Both Lumiya and Vergere were unwilling to discard the traditional Rule of Two and were thus incompatible with Krayt's new Sith order. According to the Sith on Korriban in 40 ABY, it was believed that Luke Skywalker's Jedi would grow stronger and thus posed a threat to Krayt and his new Sith empire so he decided to launch and preemptive attack on the Jedi to deflect attention away from themselves.

By the year 41 ABY, Darth Caedus had perished at the end of the Second Galactic Civil War and his apprentice, Tahiri Veila was redeemed and eventually rejoined the Light Side once more. Without Caedus or Veila to perceive Lumiya's Sith Order, the last remnants of the Order of the Sith Lords had dissolved and thus brought an end to Darth Bane's millennium-long legacy. Afterwards, the Jedi had foolishly believed that the Sith were extinct but in reality however, the Sith were not only still alive, but the One Sith had been active and in hiding since 30 ABY on Korriban and the galaxy didn't know until it was far too late.

Observing the Galaxy

A few months following the end of the Second Galactic Civil War, Darth Krayt had a vision regarding a frozen moon. His lieutenant, Darth Wyyrlok, had assigned the Anzat assassin Kell Douro to the backwater planet of Fhost to investigate the vision and discover the truth behind its meaning. When Kell Douro had asked why didn't the One Sith investigate the vision themselves, Wyyrlok simply said that the One Sith wanted to remain in hiding. Later, Wyyrlok would send two more agents, Umbaran Nyss Nenn and his sister Syll Nenn, to track down Jedi Knight Jaden Korr for a plot to infiltrate the New Jedi Order but the plot failed. 

In 44 ABY, Jedi Grand Master, Luke Skywalker accompanied by Jedi Knight Ben Skywalker and Sith Apprentice Vestara Khai, came to Korriban during the Lost Tribe of Sith Emergence and the One Sith had not been detected by the trio and thus they continued to live on in secrecy avoided by the Jedi and unable to be detected. The One Sith would continue to grow stronger and stronger in secret but Darth Krayt was forced to reveal their existence during the formation of a temporary alliance with Luke Skywalker in order to defeat the Dark Side entity Abeloth in the Realm Beyond Shadows.

Although Skywalker saw the truth through Krayt's lies about being part of the Lost Tribe of Sith, Krayt was still able to preserve his secret identity from the Jedi Master as well as the location and motivations of his Sith Order. Over the next hundred years, Darth Krayt had grown and strengthened both himself and the One Sith on Korriban in secrecy, surreptitiously planning to bring its vision of peace and order to the entire galaxy. While growing the Sith, Krayt went into stasis to recover his wounds inflicted upon him by the Yuuzhon Vong where he only conferred with his most trusted servant, the first Darth Wyyrlok.

Sith-Imperial War

After over 100 years in hiding and dormancy, Darth Krayt had finally reached his fullest potential and thus, the One Sith emerged for their first time and made their presence known openly under Krayt's leadership around the year 127-130 ABY. and the result of Krayt's own machinations was the instigation of the Sith-Imperial War. Krayt's Sith Holocron had then revealed various entires relating to the collapse of the Galactic Alliance and the restoration of the Galactic Empire as the dominate government in the entire galaxy. Krayt knowing that many worlds had harbored intense distrust and hatred for the Yuuzhon Vong from during the war, Krayt's agents had sabotaged the Ossus Project, a Jedi-backed plan to use Yuuzhan Vong terraforming techniques to restore a barren section of a Jedi fortress back to its pre-war condition. The results eventually came in and they were tremendous and soon, a host of worlds had made requests for terraforming but only a hundred got their requests granted. Vuuzhan Vong shapers, under Jedi escorts, were sent to these worlds and help restore damaged regions back to normal but the One Sith had gotten involved and sabotaged the ecosystems of the planets.

Vegetation had withered and bony growths had sprung up amongst the inhabitants as well. The Jedi had suspected that sabotage was at play and rightfully so, but they had no evidence to prove such a claim and it didn't matter as the Yuuzhan Vong were accused of trying to start another galactic-scale genocide in another way due to the bitter and vituperative resentment that the galaxy still felt towards the Vong following the war. The Vong would be defended by the Jedi due to their dedication to the truth and even called on the Galactic Alliance to support them, but the Moff Council had gotten involved and demanded retribution. Citing the Treaty of Anaxas, they demanded to declare war against the Alliance but the Alliance was also suffering dissent within their own ranks as worlds that suffered the most under the Vong, wanted payback against them. Emperor Roan Fel was also aware of the coming war and did what it took to prevent the Imperial Knights from getting involved in the war and was willing to wage war agains the Alliance as well. The Jedi and Sith got involved and so began the Sith-Imperial War and in the end, the Empire had won and conquered all of the Alliance's holdings, including Coruscant and it was a step forward for Krayt and his master plan.

Consolidation of Power

With the Empire coming out victorious, the One Sith had gained more ground as now, Coruscant had fallen to the Empire and had become the center of the new Imperial throne. Now, only one obstacle stood in the way of the One Sith, their number one enemy and the ancient enemies of the Sith in general, the Jedi. With Coruscant having fallen, Emperor Fel had called upon and Jedi and asked them to surrender and to join the Empire as well. But the Jedi had known of the Sith's involvement and refused to back down and surrender. The Jedi then withdrew from Coruscant and their temple fell into the hands of their enemies once more. The Jedi retreated to their stronghold on Ossus, the Prazeum, but Darth Krayt found out and dispatched his Hand, Darth Nihl to deal with the Jedi in what would become the event known as the Massacre on Ossus.

However, things did not turn out as planned for Krayt as a result of the massacre as despite having the Jedi Academy there being destroyed, Kol Skywalker, a prominent Jedi Council member, being killed as well and many other Jedi Knights, the Jedi were not defeated and they had managed to escape and Kol's son, Cade Skywalker, would later arrive to become the greatest adversary to the One Sith. The surviving Jedi had scattered across the galaxy and were low enough to not disrupt Krayt's plans and thus, he took next step; Krayt and the One Sith would march into the palace in a revolution and would kill the man who was sitting on the thrown. Addressing the surprised and outraged members of the Moff Council that were present, Darth Krayt then stated that Emperor Roan Fel had no interest in going to war and that the galaxy needed a more powerful leader and thus, he crowned himself as the Emperor and declared it so to the crowd.. Facing a life or death choice, the Moff Council swore allegiance towards Krayt to avoid being killed.

For the first time in over a hundred years since Darth Caedus, a Sith Lord had now held a seat of Galactic power and Krayt quickly began to impose his order across the galaxy however, it remained an incomplete victory. Krayt had quickly realized that the emperor he really killed was just a body double for Fel and he thought on how Fel, a well-trained Imperial Knight would've had to have defended himself in combat against him but didn't and allowed himself to be slain. Krayt quickly began a campaign to track down and locate the weak Emperor Fel but not before recruiting allies among the Moff Council, the military, and the surviving Jedi. Another major problem, one that was only kept between Krayt and his personal lieutenant Wyyrlok, was his health. Krayt new that his health was failing him and that he was living on borrowed time. Before, Krayt had sensed a certain someone during the Massacre on Ossus, a Jedi who was capable of Force Healing people and could bring them back from the brink of death as well. To ensure that his reign would last and his vision of galactic order were to occur, Krayt knew that he had to locate the Jedi and have him heal his health and bring him over to the Dark Side.

For the next seven years, the One Sith and their new empire would begin to enforce their rule over the galaxy to ensure the vision of a Sith-ruled galaxy to remain alive and well. However, much like the last empire before them, they were unable to maintain control over much of their territories as the Fel Empire had mobilized their forces on Bastion where many surviving Jedi were hiding out at, and joined forces with the Alliance Remnant to launch surprise attacks against the empire and struck them down at every turn. Things had gotten so bad that the Sith had resulted to using trickery against their enemies but all leaders of the three factions knew not to fall for such tricks. During this time of chaos, Morlish Veed and his lover, Nyna Calixte, had been planning to undermine the Sith and obtain the Imperial throne. Upon hearing the news that a Skywalker had managed to survive the massacre on Ossus, Krayt had ordered his resources to search for the lost Jedi. The Jedi was eventually revealed to be Cade Skywalker and he traveled to Coruscant to rescue Jedi Healer Hosk Trey'lis when he was ambushed by Darth Talon in the Temple of the Sith and eventually captured after the intervention of Darth Nihl. 

Afterwards, Skywalker was brought before the Dark Lord of the Sith where Krayt had proceeded to torture him until he fell to the Dark Side and used his healing powers on Krayt. This had caused many Sith to question the actions of their Dark Lord but Skywalker had soon escaped with the help of Trey'lis joined force and another manhunt was ordered to go after him. Soon after Gar Stazi had stolen the new Advanced Imperial Star Destroyer, the Imperious, from the Mon Calamari Shipyards, Darth Krayt had eventually ordered a genocide on Dac and ordered the extermination of 10% of the population on Dac. Krayt's Sith Troopers then attacked the Mon Calamari Council and killed all of the members before killing 10% of the population and having the rest being forced into labor camps. Soon, the Mon Calamari Rangers were formed to resist the genocide and the Sith forces, under the command of Darth Azard, unleashed a Sea Leviathan onto the unsuspecting Mon Calamari people.

"Death" of Darth Krayt

Darth Krayt would later be lured into a trap by Skywalker which would be the beginning of his downfall later on. Following the successful Jedi attack on the Imperial Base on Had Abbadon, Darth Krayt had received a message from another Sith, Karness Muur, an ancient Sith Lord and one of the first ones in fact, who had possessed the body of Celeste Morne. Muur told Krayt that he could heal him and had captured Skywalker, but Krayt had to travel alone. Despite being told by the ancient Sith, Krayt had ignored his warnings and instead traveled to Had Abbadon with Wyyrlok, Talon, Stryfe, and Maladi. Upon arrival, Skywalker trapped them and the Jedi and Imperial Knights ambushed the Sith Lords in a battle.

During the ensuing battle, Darth Krayt was stabbed in through the chest by Imperial Knight Azlyn Rae, blasted with Force Lightning by Morne, and then thrown off a cliff. Despite that however, Krayt had managed to survive all of that and was found alive by his personal lieutenant, Darth Wyyrlok, and had been recovering the other injured Sith Lords and didn't participate in the battle. Taking it from Muur, Krayt had finally discovered the way on how to heal himself but the emperor was then attacked and betrayed by his own lieutenant. Wyyrlok then supposedly killed the Dark Lord and took the thrown as leader of the One Sith, claiming that Krayt had to die in order for his dream and the goal of the One Sith to ever come true.

Afterwards, Wyyrlok had assumed authority and became the new leader and regent of the One Sith and he put Krayt's body (secretly unconscious) in a tomb in the XoXaan Sith Temple on Korriban. The tomb was different as it was really a special stasis chamber where Krayt was placed into so that it looks like Wyyrlok was serving Krayt when in reality, the Sith were now under his control. He then initiated his master plan of taking over the entire galaxy and forcing all of its inhabitants into becoming members of the One Sith.

Treachery and Schism

Despite Darth Wyyrlok holding the position of Regent of the Sith Empire and becoming the de-facto ruler of the empire, not all were satisfied with his rise to power, even within the ranks of the One Sith. Darth Maladi had correctly suspected that Wyyrlok had in fact killed the Dark Lord of the Sith and took over the One Sith and the galaxy all for himself. She then told her concerns with Darth Nihl and convinced him to travel to Korriban to see if Krayt was really dead or alive. There at the tomb, Darth Talon stood guarding it and eventually they walked in only to find Krayt's body gone and only his armor remaining.

At the same time, Lord Regent Wyyrlok had instigated the Final Protocal, the extermination of all life on Dac which began the genocide on the planet. Following the beginning of the genocide, 27 billion had been killed and only 20% of the population had been rescued by the Galactic Alliance Remnant. Despite the alliance saving much of the Mon Calamari and Quarren, Wyyrlok had considered the Protocal to be a success in keeping the galaxy in line and under the banner of the One Sith. Meanwhile, a large number of Sith Lords of the First Sith Imperial Strikeforce had attacked the planet of Agamar where Roan Fel and members of the New Jedi Order were meeting at. During the confrontation, Fel had managed to escape but Princess Marasiah Fel was captured by the Sith Forces.

Back on Korriban, the Talon had disappeared from the temple following the revelation of Krayt's missing body and she was framed by Wyyrlok and had Darth Nihl sent to kill her. Nihl tracked down Talon and found her at the Valley of the Dark Lords where the two Sith Lords were faced with a resurrected Darth Krayt, now purged of Vong seeds and more powerful than ever. He then showed his two apprentices a chamber where he had been breeding an army of Sith Troopers for years who were bread to serve as Krayt's enforcers to finally bring peace and order to the galaxy. After the news had gotten out of Krayt's return, the One Sith pledged their loyalty to their master once more, except Wyyrlok, who was now declared an enemy of Krayt and of the order.


After Krayt had returned, he gathered his forces and plotted with both Nihl and Talon on their plan to conquer the galaxy and rule it under the banner of the Sith. Before that however, Krayt had a new view on death as a path to something greater and believed that the galaxy should experience death and then the process of rebirth for their to be peace. Darth Krayt's first objective was to reclaim his thrown so he assembled a small team and assaulted the Temple of the Sith where Wyyrlok was at. In order to assemble a force to counter Krayt, Wyyrlok revealed his deception but lied about Krayt succumbing to his illness and was able to get many Sith to swear loyalty to him and fight for him. Wyyrlok's forces, however, were unable to beat back Krayt and Talon and so, the Dark Lord and the false leader dueled in the temple. Wyyrlok gave his all and even used sorcery to bring back painful memories from Krayt's past, but the Dark Lord was immune to such tricks and he struck down and killed Wyyrlok. With the traitor now dead and his forces wiped out, Darth Krayt reclaimed his title as the Dark Lord of the Sith and was restored as the rightful leader of the One Sith and of the new Sith Empire. 

Upon being restored to the thrown, the One Sith was reunited once more and were now unified and ready to continue their endless crusade against the Jedi and enemies of the Sith. Krayt soon launched numerous attacks on various worlds such as Borosk, Vinsoth, and Falleen throughout his new reign of terror. Later on, Cade Skywalker broadcasted a message to the Dark Lord vowing to kill him and end his oppressive and tyrannical rule over the galaxy.


Sometime after Krayt had regained control over the empire, Cade Skywalker had returned to Coruscant this time, with an entire army from the Galactic Alliance, the New Jedi Order, and the Empire-in-Exile, all ready to strike down and defeat Krayt and his empire. The battle was fierce and intense as Darth Krayt had ordered his followers to defend him and his empire. Darth Talon with Darth Stryfe defend their master against Skywalker and his strike force to defend the One Sith and their empire. Despite their best efforts however, Darth Krayt and Cade Skywalker dueled each other while war waged all around them and in the end, the Dark Lord was finally defeated and slain by the Jedi Knight. The One Sith had lost their leader and without their emperor, the empire had collapsed and dissolved with only Darth Nihl able to take command.

Following Nihl's rise to command, he ordered the Imperial forces to exterminate Krayt's Sith Troopers citing that without their creator and master, they would descend into madness and kill everyone at random, both Sith and Jedi alike. Nihl then ordered the Imperial forces to retreat from Coruscant and other major worlds such as Korriban to escape being killed or captured by the newly formed Galactic Federation Triumvirate which quickly began asserting its dominance over the entire galaxy. To ensure the survival of the Sith, Nihl ordered the surviving members of the One Sith to scatter across the galaxy and infiltrate every government they could so they could wage a hidden war against the Galactic Federation and the Jedi.

The members of the One Sith followed through with their master's order and scattered all across the galaxy. Through patience, manipulation, and cunning infiltration, the Sith would wage a secret war against the Jedi and would strike when they weren't noticing. However, the infiltration would soon be exposed not by a Jedi, but by a rogue Sith Lord known as Darth Wredd who killed a Sith infiltrator on Ceitia Five to begin his insurgency. Wredd sought to unite the Sith and restore the Rule of Two once more. During his crusade, he targeted not only Jedi, but also Sith leading to the collapse and destruction of the One Sith, though many of its members were last seen alive. Empress Fel herself harbored doubts that they had seen the last of the Sith.


Teachings and Doctrines

Alone, a Jedi is strong. But together we are stronger. This new breed of Sith see that and try to imitate it
~ Wolf Sazen on the One Sith.

Unlike the previous incarnation of the Sith, Darth Krayt had its core teachings nad doctrines abolished with the most notable being the Rule of Two, Darth Bane's principal of only two Sith, a master and an apprentice, and instead replaced it with the Rule of One. The Rule of One was the core principal and doctrine of the One Sith where there would only be one Sith, the Sith Order, and the rest would be many other Sith who would serve the Dark Lord and be trained by him as well. All Sith would be trained and be loyal to the Dark Lord and obey him, even at the cost of their own lives. Unisex names had been removed in favor of the title of Sith Lady for female members such as Sith Lady Talon, Maladi, and Rauder, though the title of Darth had remained for those who prove their loyalty towards the Sith.

Sith Intelligence and Assassination

Sith Intelligence and Assassination is an organization within the One Sith that focused on information gathering, interrogation and political assassination to further the cause of the Dark Lord and of the One Sith and strengthens the Dark Lord's power as well. Darth Maladi had lead the organization by the time of the Sith-Imperial War and during the Second Imperial Civil War as well with fellow Sith Lords Darth Kruhl and Jor Tolin being members of the organization.

Structure and Ranks


Hands was the name that was given to a Sith Lord that was the personal assassin of Darth Krayt. They act as his enforcers and are the closest to the Dark Lord making them high-ranking members of the One Sith. Members that held the title of Hand were the deadliest and most elite followers of Krayt and of the order. Notable individuals who hold the title are Darth Talon and Darth Nihl who acquired it after his predecessor was killed on Ossus during the ensuing massacre against the Jedi there.


A Fist was a Sith Lord who was the supreme commander of the Sith military and the military leader of the Imperial army. Darth Nihl had held the title of Fist during the Sith-Imperial War, but was promoted to Hand and so Darth Stryfe was chosen to be the next Fist and commanded the Imperial military of the One Sith.


A Voice/Regent of the One Sith is the second-in-command of the One Sith. It was given to a member of the order who was close to Krayt and acted as his mouthpiece and caretaker during his period in stasis. The first known holder of the title was Darth Wyyrlok I and would be continued down the line to other Chagrian Sith Lords all of whom, held the title of Darth Wyyrlok as well. A fourth one was supposed to take then line known as Saarai, who was being trained on Korriban. 

Darth Nihl was promoted to Voice during the reign of Darth Wyyrlok III after the disappearance of Darth Krayt's body from his stasis chamber on Korriban. A Regent was not only the second-in-command of the One Sith, but also the temporary ruler of the empire in the absence of the monarch and was held by the Wyyrloks and by Grand Admiral Morlish Veed as well.


A loremaster was put in charge of managing Sith artifacts and records that were obtained by the order. The third Darth Wyyrlok had held the position of Loremaster due to his expert knowledge on the history of the Sith over the course of a millennia.


Inquisitors were tasked with extracting information from the enemies of the One Sith and captured prisoners. They employed a number of techniques to acquire information such as imprisonment, interrogation, and torture. Darth Havok was an inquisitor within the order.


Sith Troopers were the main military force and shock troops of the One Sith. They were an army of Sith warriors trained and bred by Darth Krayt to be fanatically and undyingly loyal towards him and of the cause of the One Sith. They were force-sensitive and virtually enhanced making them deadly warriors on the battlefield.


  • The One Sith was originally going to be heavily featured in Battle of the Sith Lords, a planned Red Fly Studio Star Wars video game developed between 2010 and 2011. The order, led by Darth Krayt, was going to target a descendant or clone of Darth Maul, who would join forces with Darth Talon to topple Krayt and his Sith Lords down for violating Darth Bane's Rule of Two. At least two new Sith Lords, named Darth Kroan and Darth Inexor, were planned to be featured in the game. Unfortunately, the game was cancelled when LucasArts stopped communicating with Red Fly due The Walt Disney Company's acquisition of Lucasfilm, which was completed in 2012.


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