The Oniken are the titular villainous organization from the video game of the same name.


The Oniken is a powerful military organization which arose after the Great War that devastated the planet. Using cybernetic soldiers and mutants, they quickly took control over the planet, oppressing the remaining survivors and eliminating anyone who opposed them. A small resistance force is formed to fight back, but they are no match against Oniken's forces. The tide of the war changes, however, after a mysterious mercenary named Zaku joins the resistance.

The Oniken forces attempt to invade the resistance's base and steal their mainframe data, but Zaku dispatches them, allowing the self-destruction sequence which had been jammed to continue. After the base explodes the Oniken send a large battleship after the survivors, but Zaku invades it, killing the Battleship's captain, Geist, and destroying the massive cannon inside. While they are surprised that a single man was able to pull all of this by himself, they still proceed with their plans, only taking action after Zaku destroys their weapons factory in the northern mountains. Doozor sends the Dogs of War to intercept Zaku as he attacks their supply train while Hackan positions his ninjas on their outpost in Ricardo's Forest. Enraged at being dismissed, Dr. Grimm also goes to the forest to kill Zaku by himself.

Zaku defeats the Dogs of war and crosses the forest, but is suddenly attacked by a huge robot controlled by Dr. Grimm. He destroys the robot and kills Grimm, while his partner Rico retrieves a memory chip on Grimm's possession. Upon analyzing the chip, the resistance discovers the Oniken is planning to unleash a army of cybernetic soldiers within 48 hours. Having obtained the coordinates to their headquarters, the Brain Palace, they decide to attack it immediately, sending Zaku to infiltrate the base and destroy their mainframe. Zaku invades the place and confronts Hackan, defeating him in a one-on-one fight and leaving him for dead. Upon reaching the base's core Doozor finally shows up and attacks him. As Zaku kills Doozr, however, the mainframe goes haywire and shoots a laser at Zaku, almost killing him. Without Doozor's input, the mainframe would unleash the robot army and attack the humans indiscriminately, so Zaku pulls his remaining forces and goes after the mainframe, destroying it and causing the entire Brain Palace to explode, thus putting and end to the Oniken for good.


  • Nightmare
  • Head Hunter
  • Reaper
  • Crawler
  • Heavy Reaper
  • Nightmare Reaper
  • Biker Reaper
  • Hovercraft
  • Bomber
  • Steel Hawk
  • Sniper
  • Road Warriors
  • Kay
  • Shuriken Ninja
  • Windmill Ninja
  • Geist
  • Dr. Grimm
  • Hackan
  • General Doozor (leader)