Onimengo Dogma Kaijin.jpg

Onimengo: An oni monster. He can summon a giant spiked club that causes explosions upon impact. He also throws an infinite number of hatchets that he stores in his belt. His special ability is to possess humans, granting them handheld cyclop eyes that fire laser beams. (his victims are violently spun around him and so the image of anything spinning causes them to go out of control) Sometimes, he rides a unicycle in battle. He is tasked by Megaru Shogun to kidnap children and indoctrinate them to Dogma teachings, eventually establishing a giant education system that will sweep throughout all of Japan. His victims include Ryo Kusanami and his friends in the Onigashima forest. He displays explicit pedophilia and Megaru Shogun calls him on it. Destroyed by Super-1's Super Rider Lightning Drop.

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