Osebo and Onini are enemies of Anansi and Static in the Static Shock series.



Onini was a Osebo's partner in the Static Shock series.

He was a snake being who had hands in the form of snakes' mouths. Like snakes, Onini has fangs and no legs. Onini traveled with Osebo to Dakota to steal gold from the museum. There was a gold spider in the museum that controlled Anansi's powers. Osebo hoped to attain it so he could depower his enemy. Onini attacked Virgil's house and kidnapped Sharon to use as bait. But Onini was defeated by Static, Gear, and Anansi and he was taken away to police custody.

Onini's powers consist of snake-like hands and a reptilian physiology. He has the strength equal to a python and even resembles one.



Anansi ran into Osebo multiple times in Ghana.  Osebo tried to steal a map from a professor on a train that would lead him to an ancient treasure. He and his gang also tried to crash the train so they could escape. Anansi stopped the train but he allowed Osebo to escape with the map. Static revealed his identity to Anansi in order to team up and defeat Osebo. Osebo planned to obtain the treasure by blowing Akosombo Dam which kill hundreds of people. Static and Anansi stopped the plan and defeated Osebo and his gang.

Osebo eventually went to Dakota to steal gold from a museum exhibit. Static, Anansi, and Gear stopped Osebo and his partners. Osebo was taken to custody by the police.


  • Onini was voiced Kevin Michael Richardson who also voiced Static's father Robert.
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