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The seasons are distorted! The crops will be plundered and all living things shall die! The Earth's peril! This is the land of darkness I have wished for!
~ General Onox

Onox is the main antagonist of the manga adaptation of The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons. This version of him has much more screen time and more in common with an actual general. He also has additional crimes to his plate. One of his new powers is him laying waste to the land by touching it.


General Onox makes his first appearance when a frustrated Link throws a stick at him. He then commands a group of monsters to kill him for this incident. When that fails, Onox overpowers Link himself, drains most of his life, and leaves him to die.

While Din nursed Link back to health, Onox tracked them both down and overpowers Link again, forcing Din to give herself up to Onox to spare Link’s life. Subsequently, he makes the Temple of Seasons sink underground, which changes the seasons for the worse such as a summer sun burning down plants during spring, which puts all plant life in danger of going extinct. At which Onox is happy to gloat to Din about how his disruption of the seasons will lead to the extinction of all life.

Once Link and his allies reach Onox's fortress, they clash with the evil general. When they manage to overwhelm him, Onox transforms into a dragon and easily defeats them. When Piyoko the chick attempts to distract Onox while Link regains his posture, Onox kills her, mocking Link and friends as they mourn her death. Enraged, Link strikes his sword into Onox's gemstone forehead and defeats him. As he dies, Onox taunts Link that he already succeeded his goals and transfers his energy to Twinrova.

General Onox appears in a flashback in The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages Manga.

Powers and Abilities

In addition to the attacks he has in the games (Shapeshifting, making a magical barrier, his axe, and his flail), Onox gained the ability to pollute the environment by touching it as well as skilled expertise of horse-riding.


  • Much like his game counterpart, the humanoid version of Onox wears armor that is nearly identical to an Iron Knuckle's armor set from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

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