Ontomee was a high ranking Covenant Elite (Presumed Zealot) who was stationed on Installation 04 in the year 2552. After the UNSC Pillar of Autumn was shot down, First Lieutenant Melissa McKay conducted a salvage operation of supplies in the ship, Ontomee was placed in charge of the crash site so the humans would be unable to access it. 

During the final days of Installation 04, Ontomee and his underworked staff received fortunate relief in the form of Zuka Zamamee and Yapyap. Without asking questions, Ontomee placed the two in charge of 20 Jackals and assigned them to inspect and unload the supplies. Under attack from both Flood and Forerunner constructs, Ontommee along with his staff were troubled that John 117 arrived at the ship with the intention of destroying Installation 04. Ontomee called a meeting of his staff where he, Kasamee and Zuka Zamamee discuss the Spartan. Zuka agreed to hunt John 117 down, much to Ontomee's relief. It is unknown how he died, but it was most likely he died from the explosion of the Pillar of Autumn's fusion generators.

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