Onyx is an East Coast (sometimes comedy, hence the reason they get a page here) rap group from Queens, compromised of Sonne Seeza (Tyrone Taylor, born 1970), Sticky Fingaz (Kirk Jones, born 1973), and Fredro Starr (Fred Lee Scruggs Jr., born 1971) . They are a rap group known for cruelty and the hardcoreness of their rap lyrics. The reason they get a page here is because their personas are deliberately meant to be cartoonish for comedy purpose

The group's villainaries are often very outlandish, although loosely based on their real life in the streets. In the case of Sticky, and to a lesser extent, Fredro, they often make their voices creepy and monstrous in a funny way to showcase their criminality in exaggerated fashion. In early years they definitely were something out of a cartoon character. In 1993, Sticky Fingaz had some of the funniest lyrics in his songs. Some of them are about "making the white man call me 'master'" ("Judgment Night"). Perhaps his most well known and hilarious raps are in "Slam" and "Shiftee." In "Slam," he gets crude saying, in a funny voice, about how his nervousness gets him to the tipping point, implying assault and murder: "I'm a B-boy dancing in my b-boy stance/hurry up and gimme the microphone before I bust in my pants/the mack author of anguish/my language polluted/Onyx is heavyweight and still undisputed/You took the words right out my mouth now walk a mile in my shoes/I paid so many dues/I feel used and abused and I'm so confused/Excuse me, for example I'm an inspiration of a whole generation//And unless you got ten sticky fingers it's an imitation/A figment of your imagination/Bu-bu-bu-but wait it gets worse/I'm not watered down so I'm dying of thirst/Coming through with a scam, foolproof plan, B-boys make some noise and just... JUST SLAM!" which seems regular but is done in graphic fashion in a cartoon manner. His funny voice only helps to make it even more comical. Here he graphically alludes to taking a dump, and wanting to hurt someone. In "Shiftee" he says, "I'ma rule the fucking world, just mark my words/I got the filthiest s**t younger ears ever heard/and even if you wash my mouth out with soap, I still react disgusting and despicable/unproductable liable to flip my lid." In "Here n Now" he threatens to murder people, by saying, "It'll 'Dawn of the Living Dead' if you don't leave me the hell alone, cause rap's not a game and I'm playing for keeps." Sonee also does a hilarious voice, "Disgusted/busted you wanna touch it too hot you forgot you're not ready your head could get ruptured," implying again assault. All of them are done in comedic ways. Although their cartoonish tone somewhat tamed down, they still kept the hilariousness of their lyrics.

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