~ Ooblar talking to a slice of toast.

Ooblar is the secondary antagonist in the 2001 computer-animated film Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius. He is King Goobot's little brother, and serves as a comic relief character whenever he is around.

He was voiced by Martin Short in the original film, and Paul Greenberg in the animated TV series.


Ooblar's both abysmally stupid and insane. He also has a weird obsession watching his older brother space his minions when they displease him. Ooblar's the only Yolkian allowed to approach King Goobot's throne unannounced, which he usually does to annoy him by acting like an immature little brother.

Ooblar's first seen when Jimmy Neutron's space message, in the form of a toaster, is picked up by a Yolkian ship. He shows up at King Goobots throne and annoys him by begging him to space someone. Then he sees the toaster, and the starts to investigate it, when Jimmy's tribute of toast pops up through the top and startles him. He begins to interrogate the toast about it's origins. Evan after King Goobot said "Ooblar, stop it. It's toast.", Ooblar responds by saying, "Oh. Hello, toast! I Greatly Admire Your Ship".

Later it's revealed that he had some scientific knowledge. Then he explains a great deal about the human anatomy when Goobot asks if the humans will be tasty enough for Poultra and also it revealed that he has a lab.


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