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Ophelia is the witch form of Kyoko Sakura, making an appearance in Puella Magi Madoka Magica Portable. Like the anime witches, she was designed by Gekidan Inu Curry.

The Barrier

The witch of wǔdàn. Her nature is abandonment or despair. A witch who eternally wanders with hollow footsteps within the fog. She can no longer remember what the horse that always accompanies her was.


  • The official website for Puella Magi Madoka Magica Portable refers to Ophelia as the witch of wǔdàn (武旦). A wǔdàn is a fierce female warrior in traditional Chinese opera.
  • Ophelia also appears in Mami's Heart Pounding Tiro Finale game.
  • Ophelia wears a long, mostly red garment that is somewhat reminiscent of, but still distinct from, her magical girl outfit.
  • Ophelia rides a horse which wears around its neck, a large mostly red diamond-shaped symbol. The symbol is different from the one of her father's religion, but bears a resemblance in a common shape.
  • The walls and floors of her barrier are largely unadorned and lined with dark red bricks.
  • Ophelia's familiars are colorfully attired warriors, most of whom march around aimlessly. One has a dragon's head emerge from its neck for a powerful melee attack. Another has the ability to summon melee familiars by ringing a bell, and a long-range fire attack. The two reflect the hybrid abilities of Kyoko who possesses both strong melee abilities and range abilities with her weapon.
  • Ophelia is fought on a narrow, confined area blocked off on either side by her barriers, somewhat reminiscent of the alley where Kyoko fought Sayaka in Episode 5. It allows her to maximize her use of Rosso Fantasma (previously a lost ability to Kyoko) to create duplicates of herself. These duplicates are not purely illusionary. They are capable of powerful melee attacks. Ophelia can transform into a spear for a long-range attack.
  • Kyoko is known for the color red, her warrior ways, and her fiery attitude, all of which are incorporated in the main color palette of her barrier, the choice of wǔdàn witch, and the use of fire.
  • How Kyoko becomes Ophelia is described in her game route (expand for story spoilers).
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