Drat. Now you can move on to the next hall. But remember, Agent "Goodie-Goodie"; That just brings you closer to me. Hee hee hee!
~ Ophelia taunting the player
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Ophelia is the main antagonist of the Chill Manor video game, which is a sequel to the I.M. Meen game. In the video game, she steals the Book of Ages, and tried to rewrite history. Near the end of the game, she reveals she's in fact rewriting the pages so that history dictates she will rule the world. She was known for erasing the children out of existence when they lost by erasing their names in the book. It was noted that she fell in love with a man named Ignatious, and at the end it was revealed to be I. M. Meen. She was later defeated and escapes with Meen, while he was promising to return.


You've meddled in my affairs long enough. I'm erasing you from history once and for all! Ahahaha!
~ Ophelia on the Game Over screen
Just a few more changes to the Book of Ages, Agent I'm-Too-Late, and your world will be MINE! Hah hah hah...
~ Ophelia revealing her true plan near the end of the game
My dear Ignatious, I knew you'd save me!
~ Ophelia's last words as she is rescued by her husband
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