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Ophiuchus Sam is a descendant of Yosemite Sam. He acts like Yosemite Sam. He is a lot like Yosemite Sam. He also talks like Yosemite Sam and says some things he would say. He attacked a space train carrying the treasures of Freleng. Sometimes, he can't remember what he's saying and has even forgotten his own name. He secretly worked with Zadavia's former General, Deuce to steal Ace's Guardian Strike Sword. He ended up captured, but then released (under the pretense of a brilliant escape) in order to serve as bait for his boss. Much like his ancestor Yosemite Sam, Ophiuchus likes to shoot now and ask questions later. He is very hostile with all of his approaches. Sam is not the brightest, either.

Having to be subtlety helped by the Loonatics to escape (all part of their plan to follow Sam to Deuce).

Sam worked with General Deuce in order to catch the interdimensional train so he could rob it of its riches. Once he was captured and released by the Loonatics he went back to Deuce who knew he was only released so they could find him. Once Deuce finally thinks he has the train, Sam follows. Deuce, not wanting to share the universe with Sam then kicks him off the train.


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