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The Opticoid Prisoner is a minor antagonist in Ben 10 Versus the Universe: The Movie, He is a unnamed Opticoid who was banished to the Null Void for unknown circumstances.

He is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker, who also voiced Toiletnator in Kids Next Door, 10,000 Volt Ghost in Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed, Battle Droids in Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels, Psyphon in the classic Ben 10 continuity and Carnage in Ultimate Spider-Man.


The Opticoid Prisoner is humanoid alien with dark yellow skin with lighter yellow skin between his front torso and hands. He has multiple yellow eyes with black pupils covering his upper body, but has no eyes on his face but instead has large bat-like ears and a visible mouth. He has dark yellow feet with three toes on ease foot and wears black pants with white circles on them.


It is unknown how the Opticoid Prisoner was banished to the Null Void along with his inmates (an Ectonurite, a Vulpimancer, a Loboan and a Piscciss Volann). When Ben Tennyson was trapped in the Null Void, the Opticoid revealed himself out of a cave and informs Ben of the dangers of going through portals in the Null Void and explains that Vilgax had escaped from the Null Void to exact revenge against him. The Opticoid also revealed that he knows about the Omnitrix's secrets from Vilgax and warms Ben to hand it over, but Ben refuse to give up the Omntrix and started to battling the Opticoid along with the other aliens in the Null Void until Azmuth shows up and tell them to leave Ben unharmed. The Opticoid and the rest of aliens decided to flee, not before the Opticoid warm Azmuth to sleep with one eye open. The Opticoid is not seen in the remainder of the film.

Powers and Abilities

The Opticoid Prisoner can shoot powerful energy beams from the eye on his chest to knock back a Arburian Pelarota

The eyes on the Opticoid Prisoner's body gives him 360-degree vision, making it impossible for anyone to sneak up on him.

The Opticoid Prisoner possesses inhuman strength, enough to lift and throw a Tetramand up into the air.


  • The Opticoid Prisoner's appearance is based on Eye Guy from classic series of Ben 10, but lacks the Omnitrix symbol and his eyes are yellow instead of green. Ironically, he was credited as "Eyeguy" in the end credits of the film.


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