I should warn you, I like to play with my food.
~ Ora

Ora is the supporting antagonist in the third season of The Lion Guard. He is a ferocious Komodo dragon who lives in an Island. He will stop at nothing in getting what he wants. When the Lion Guard escaped his island with the help Kion and his friends, Ora holds a vendetta against them and joins Makucha's Army to get his revenge and to reach the Tree of Life.

He is voiced by Andrew Kishino, who also voiced another character in the series, Janja.


He is dangerous, ferocious, and cruel who will eat anything that came to his island. 


Dragon Island

When the Lion Guard arrived on his Island, they encounter Ora for the first time and he wastes no time in trying to eat them. He is later joined by two other Komodo dragons only to be blasted away by Kion's roar, which also briefly blasted the ocean around them tool. Ora and his group then return to their island and attempts to eat the stranded Lumba-Lumba. The Lion Guard assists Lumba-Lumba in returning to the sea before Kion uses the Roar of the Elders to temporarily divide the ocean to create an escape pathway. Ora and his group pursuit them, only for Kion to close the path again after he stopped roaring. Later, Ora got washed up on the shore, infuriated that he just missed the Lion Guard. He then comes across Makucha the Leopard and Chuluun the Snow Leopard, and accepts their offer in joining forces in order to destroy their mutual enemies.


  • Ora is the local name for Komodo Dragon in Indonesian.
  • He is the second character to join Makucha's army after Chuluun. 
  • His voice actor also voiced Janja and Hitashi. 
  • Ora appeared in the Season 3 theme intro way before his introduction in the series, alongside Chuluun. 
  • He and his bank are the first and so far only Komoto Dragons to appear in the series. 
  • His design is almost similar to another Lion Guard villain, Kenge.


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