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Oraetta Mayflower is one of the two secondary antagonists (alongside Gaetano Fadda) in the Season 4 of Fargo, and indirectly the most pivotal figure in this season's event.

She was a originally presented as an ordinary nurse in Minnesota, but was later revealed to be a racist serial killer and the lover of Josto Fadda, who had a fetish over killing patients. She was responsible for the death of Donatello Fadda, the original leader of the Fadda Family. Thus, she was inadverdantly the cause of Kansas City's mob war between Josto Fadda, Loy Cannon and Gaetano Fadda.

She was portrayed by Jessie Buckley.


Oraetta Mayflower is eccentric and relentlessly cheerful; beneath that façade, however, she is a cold, sadistic psychopath who derives pleasure and a sense of power from lethally poisoning her patients. She collects souvenirs from her victims and their obituaries to relive the thrill of killing them. She is also a racist, mocking African-American teenager Ethelrida Smutney's mixed race ethnicity and generally treating her like an animal that can do amusing tricks.



  • Even with her pivotal role, Oaretta isn't the main antagonist of Season 4. Instead, she is considered to be one of the two secondary antagonists of the season, with Josto Fadda served as the main antagonist. It was because of her little involvement in the Kansas City's conflict between crime bosses other than killing Donatello Fadda (which was still pivotal enough), whilst Josto had bigger plans than hers.
  • In addition, unlike the first three seasons' main antagonists before her, Oraetta had triggered the main event rather unintentionally after she murdered Donatello Fadda, with her actions being a part of her serial murder rather than a larger goal, and she was largely unaware that she had indirectly triggered a mob war through her actions.
    • In contrast, Lorne Malvo, Hanzee Dent and V.M. Varga all started the event intentionally and/or manipulate other characters to achieve their goals. They are also awared of the consequences brought by their actions, and they choose to exploit them for their own gains.


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