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Orange is a major antagonist in the AvM Shorts, serving as the main antagonist of Season 3.

He's a mysterious orange stick figure seeking to gain the Minecraft icon from the Animator's computer to achieve some unknown, possibly cataclysmic power. He's one of the two stick figures with a confirmed gender.



Orange is first introduced when Purple kneels down before him. It's then revealed that Orange is the mastermind behind the events of the episode, planning to put the Stick Gang in a endless loop of parkour while Purple will steal the Minecraft icon from their computer, with Orange replacing the command block on his sceptre with said icon, gaining some unknown, large power. It's also implied he wants Purple to kill the Stick Gang.

However, they are interrupted when one of his piglin brutes revealed that Green, a member of the Stick Gang, has escaped its loop. Orange erases the AI of said piglin brutes, reducing it to a lifeless husk, before ordering all the Piglin Brutes and Purple to catch Green. However, Green catches Purple first and they get into a fight, but Orange, using the command block, holds Green in the air, allowing Purple to escape.

Orange is then seen at the end of the episode, imprisoning Green, showing that the Stick Gang's Pig was also imprisoned here.

Titan Ravager

Orange appears at the very end, saving two villagers from being eaten by one of the Titan Ravagers by killing it with its command block, then killing the creature's mate with the same method. Angrily walking towards Yellow and Blue, he suddenly becomes surrounded by the villagers thanking him for saving them. Orange quickly pretends to be a nice person in front of the Villagers, before walking up to Yellow and Blue and telling them to go with him. Yellow realises Orange has a command block on his sceptre, but still decides to follow him. Orange creates a Nether portal and all three stick figures go through it.

The Ultimate Weapon

It started with a picture frame of Orange holding his staff with the Minecraft icon on it. The portal was placed in Orange's house. Then Orange came and changed the Minecraft icon on his picture to a command block, so that Blue and Yellow would not know his intended plans. He looked backed to see if the said stickfigures would see what he's doing. Then Blue and Yellow entered as they followed Orange, who walked ahead. After that, Orange gives Yellow and Blue crowns, but the two refuses them. He gives Yellow a throne with a command block staff to persuade him. Blue recalls the same thing Purple did to him and Green and refuses to take the crown, but he easily accepted it after Orange gave him a throne with nether warts.

Green and the pig enter the throne room but Orange notices them and creates a wall with obsidian. Green then breaks the blocks in the room but Orange places down new blocks as quickly as Green broke them. Yellow reacts to Orange placing blocks but Orange told him it was nothing. Green activates a TNT blowing away Orange and creating a hole on the room, and explains Orange's plan to Yellow and Blue.

But Orange has had enough. He takes out Mellohi, cracks his joints, plays a Pigstep disc then fixes the room for a battle. He raises the ceiling using the command block specter and creates three cages, then prepares to fight Green, Yellow and Blue. The three stick figures successfully cornered Orange and had him at their mercy, but then later their items vanished out of thin air (it was because Purple gained control of the Master Block). While the trio were in shock of what just happened, Orange ruthlessly took the opportunity to retrieve his specter, beat them up, and get the three inside of the cages.

While Red and Purple are chasing over the Master Block, Orange grabs Red with the scepter and puts him in a cage. Orange then puts the Master Block on his scepter, granting him powerful superpowers. He shot a massive explosive beam straight into the roof, killing some of his Piglin Brute minions. Orange then betrays Purple, even though he promised that they will share their power. Then he uses a giant dark laser beam to create a black hole. Later on, when Purple was almost about to get captured, he asks Orange for help, but Orange didn't care for Purple anymore, and continued fighting the Second Coming.

Orange fights the Second Coming in this episode and tries preventing him from entering the black hole, but his Master Block accidentally touches his enemy's Master Block and creates an massive shockwave, blasting away even the Master Blocks themselves. He falls into the throne room with his scepter without the Master Block and the command block, knocked out.


Orange is a cruel monarch with a lust of power, seeking to obtain the Minecraft icon for some unknown means. He's also a terrible ruler, basically brainwashing or killing a piglin brute into a mindless husk just for learning about Green's escape. Orange is a very manipulative person who cares only about itself, leaving Purple behind the second it gets what it wants.





  • Orange is the tallest stick figure in the series. Given that other characters are around the same size or smaller, he's also one of the tallest characters in the entire series.
  • Orange was originally meant to be grey or light purple before Alan chose a different shade of orange. Grey was dropped because he blended with the background and light purple was dropped to avoid any Thanos jokes.
  • Orange was called a he by the real-life Alan, making him one of the two stick figures with a confirmed gender, alongside the Chosen One.
  • It's possible that Orange is Herobrine after being resurrected with the game, and wishes to obtain the Minecraft icon once again to revert to his true form and gain back his power. It would also explain Orange's knowledge of the events of Animation vs. Minecraft, including how the Minecraft icon operates and also Herobrine's existence and his actions when possessing Red.