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You got served!
~ The Orange County Crew

The Orange County Crew (or the OC Crew) are the main antagonists of the season 8 South Park episode, "You Got F'd in the A".


At the beginning of the episode, The OC Crew approaches Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny and challenges them to a dance-off where the boys stand in bewilderment as they are "served" by the OC Crew. Seeking advice about the confrontation, the boys visit Chef who talks with their parents about the incident. When Randy, Stan's father, hears about it, he decides to teach his son how to dance back with country music. The next day, the boys are challenged once again by the OC Crew and Stan dances back to "Achey Breaky Heart" by Billy Ray Cyrus. Admitting defeat for now, The OC Crew claims "It's on", challenging Stan to an offcial dance-off at the Orange County Convention Center for a chance to be in a music video starring artist Lil' Kim.

Randy attempts to call off the challenge by speaking with the OC Crew's coach, but Randy is "served" by him to the point that he is hospitalized. Stan seeks a dance crew consisted off one of the goth kids, a Raisins waitress named Mercedes, an Asian Dance Dance Revolution expert named Yao, and a dancing duck named Jeffy. He tries to invite Butters, who used to tap dance, but after an incident in which he accidently kicked off one of his shoes and caused a chain of events that killed several audience members, Butters fearfully refuses.

At the OC Convention Center, Stan's crew, The South Park Diggities, prepare to confront the OC Crew but Jeffy injures his leg, and due to the fact that they are down one man, the Diggities are obligated to forfiet. In the knick of time, Butter shows up and takes Jeffy's place. The dance-off begins, and when Butters preforms, he once again kicks off his shoe by accident, knocking down a set of spotlight that crushes the OC Crew and their coach to death. Despite the sudden tragedy, the Diggities are ruled the winners, and everybody carries a horrified, bloodstained Butters away to celebrate.


  • Lil' Sheep
  • Girl T
  • Unnamed Asian Male
  • Unnamed African-American Male
  • Unnamed Hispanic Male
  • Coach



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