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This is my house. He can't ignore me like that.
~ Orange Guy after his son refuses to let him in his room.
Ran off to that place again. He will be sorry when he gets back.
~ Orange Guy upon seeing that his son has ran away from home.

The Orange Guy is a minor character in Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator, serving as the titular main protagonist of the Midnight Motorist minigame. He is a mysterious and abusive man who lives with his family in the woods, likely within the vicinity of a Freddy Fazbear's Pizza location.


The Orange Guy is first seen driving his purple car on a busy road as part of the Midnight Motorist minigame. If the players drives at the bottom of the screen, they can enter a secret exit which leads them down a road surrounded by trees. If the player drives to the right, the Orange Guy exits the car and walks to a location named JRs, only to be refused by its bouncer. Later, he drives to his secluded house.

Upon entering, a person watching TV (implied to either be his child or spouse) tells him not to bother his son, stating that "he had a rough day". The Orange Guy ignores them and walks to his son's door, only to discover the door is locked, leading to him walking outside to find that his window is broken and that he escaped the house. Frustrated, he mutters that he probably ran to "that place" (implied to be a Fazbear pizzeria) and that he'll be sorry when he gets back.


From what is shown, the Orange Guy is a rather brutish and abrasive man. The starting minigame shows him driving on the wrong side of the road, exemplifying how dangerously reckless he is. He later shouts at his son when his door won't budge, and threatens him under his breath after discovering he has run off. Prior to this, he states that his son can't dismiss him because he's in "[his] house", implying that he's somewhat egotistical surrounding his family. He is also turned away from JRs, a place implied to be a bar, implying that he is an alcoholic and has done something to get himself banned.


I told you not to close your door.
~ The Orange Guy to his son.
~ The Orange Guy demands his son to open his door.
I'll find a way in from outside...
~ The Orange Guy gives up on his son's door and goes to find another way inside.


The Orange Guy's identity, as well as Midnight Motorist's general significance as a whole, is currently an enigma. However, there are a few candidates:

  • The most popular theory is that the Orange Guy is William Afton, with the TV person being Michael Afton and the son being the Crying Child. Evidence for this includes the fact that the Orange Guy drives a purple car, just like Afton when he killed Charlotte Emily, the game's source code includes the words "Later that night", showing that the minigame takes place after Charlotte's death, the pathway from the house to JRs resembling the path from Afton's house to Fredbear's Family Diner, and the TV person speaking in a similar grey text to the Big Brother from Five Nights at Freddy's 4 (who is speculated to be a younger Michael). Furthermore, a grave can be found near the house, which fans speculate to belong to either William's wife or Elizabeth Afton (should she have died prior to the Bite of '83).
  • It is also speculated that he is the father of one of William's victims. Evidence for this includes his orange color, as opposed to Afton's signature purple, his contrasting personality with William (the Orange Guy is shown to be loud and wrathful, while William, from what we know, seems to be calm, sophisticated, and faux affable, at least up to him becoming Burntrap), the house's layout mismatching that of the Afton household, his dialogue not fitting William's attributes (e.g. "Ran off to that place again", which would indicate that he is unfamiliar with Freddy Fazbear's Pizza and its affiliates; a characteristic that would seem out of place for William, the franchise's co-founder), and the detail of rabbit footprints near the son's footprints, which would imply that a costumed William, likely in the Glitchtrap suit, lured the boy outside to kill him.


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