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Orange Man: Can I come in?
Father: Who are you?
Orange Man: I like your house. Can I come in?
Father: What is this?... No, you can't come in.
Orange Man: Are you sure?
~ The Orange Man talking to the family's patriarch right before he forces his way in and kills the father.

The Orange Man is the secondary antagonist of the 2000 superhero thriller film Unbreakable. He was an unnamed, sadistic killer who committed a home invasion and became David Dunn's first target in his efforts to become a hero.

He was portrayed by Chance Kelly.


The Orange Man was a janitor at a railway station in Philadelphia. At one point, he committed a home invasion and began living in the home. He attacked the family in their home, killing the father and taking the mother, son, and daughter prisoner. He also kills the mother after raping and torturing her.

When David Dunn goes in search of a criminal, he brushes against the janitor at the railway station and has a vision of the man's crimes. David follows the man to the home and goes in after him. He finds the father's corpse before finding and freeing the children. He finds the mother's corpse upstairs, but the Orange Man pushes him off of the balcony. David lands in a pool, nearly drowning before being saved by the children. David goes back to the room where the mother was and sneaks up behind the Orange Man, putting him in a chokehold. The Orange Man resists, slamming David against the walls and elbowing him in the ribs in an attempt to free himself. However, David manages to hold onto the man and strangles him to death.

The next day the story about the children's rescue is printed in the newspaper, and David shows it to his son to prove that his father is indeed a hero. Elijah Price uses the same paper to explain to David that his life as a hero has only just begun.


Not much is known about the man outside of his occupation. His attack seems to have been spontaneous rather than part of a criminal plan. In David Dunn's vision, the man simply stands at the open door awkwardly before rushing the father. He controls the house for at least one day, leaving to go to his job and returning at night, and spends his time there drinking and listening to music. After ambushing David Dunn and pushing him off the balcony, the Orange Man does not flee the house and is seemingly not disturbed by the fact that he was discovered.

His lack of planning, impulsive behavior, social awkwardness and inability to appreciate the seriousness of his situation seem to point to low intelligence, possibly the result some kind of mental illness. He was nonetheless very dangerous, being stronger than average and surprisingly fast at close range.

All of the major characters in the film are associated with a particular color; in the orange man's case, it derives from the safety-orange hue of his maintenance uniform.


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