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The Orcs are once the major antagonistic force in the Warcraft universe. They were savage beasts much like their mythical counterparts - however, as time progressed, the Orcs slowly began to reclaim their original status as a shamanistic society ruled by honor rather than bloodlust and would slowly but surely become a more benign Race.


Orcs born in the hellish world of Draenor , were brought to Azeroth through the Dark Portal (Dark Portal) and forced to go to war with humans. Although few knew of their history, they were a shamanistic society in the world of Draenor . The noble clans of Orcs were corrupted by the Burning Legion and used as pawns in the invasion of Azeroth. After the war, they were imprisoned by humans and made slaves. The situation remained so until they were released by Thrall , who was able to join a rebellion against the Alliance. Led by young Thrall , they have regained their strength and honor. Now the Orcs are ready for the fight, not for reasons of conquest.

By the time World of Warcraft came into being, the Orcs had become (by in large) a structured society and although still feared warriors were not the savage killers they once were under demonic corruption, sadly in the aftermath of the Cataclysm many Orcs have began to regress back to a more savage lifestyle under the guidance of Garrosh Hellscream, yet even with these troubling developments most Orcs in Warcraft are far removed from the monsters they were in the original series.

The same can not be said for some Orc races out with what has become known as the Horde, however, such as the Blackrock Clan - who are piratical raiders and a scourge of humanity or the demonic Fel Orcs that Rule the Outland, and the Twilight Highlands.

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