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The Order Soldiers are masked henchmen in coal miner uniforms and serves as the supporting antagonists in the game Silent Hill: Homecoming. They are part of the revived form of The Order founded by Judge Margaret Holloway. The Order Soldiers are led by Curtis Ackers, Judge Holloway's second-in-command.


They wear a distinctive uniform similar to the suits worn by coal miners, which may be due to the fact that their headquarters is situated in an abandoned coal mine. Their origins are unclear, but is likely that they are examples of successful conversions made by Judge Holloway, or fanatical members of the Shepherd's Glen Sect that she brought with her. Their activities consist of kidnapping the residents of Shepherd's Glen and taking them to Silent Hill, where they would either be brainwashed or tortured to death.

Most of the Order Soldiers were killed when Alex Shepherd infiltrated their lair, and subsequent deaths of Holloway and Ackers may have caused the survivors to disband.

Movie appearance

The Order Soldiers appeared as protectors and soldiers of a puritanical witch-hunting cult known as the Brethen in the movie SIlent Hill and they followed the will of their leader Christabella.

The Order Soldiers reappeared as devout soldiers and servants of the Order of Valtiel, the parent cult that the Brethren originated from, and they followed the will of the Order's leader Claudia Wolf.