The Order of the Scarlet Lupine was a smuggling organization as well as profound evil organization that were mentioned in the reality show (blended with murder mystery fiction) "Murder In Small Town X".


The Order of the Scarlet Lupine consisted of drug smugglers who reside in Sunrise, Maine. For years, they had been smuggling tobacco and liquor from Canada. But in 1941, the government started to crack down on smuggling. Angered, the organization made a drastic decision to cover their tracks, by burning tobacco and liquor, as well as the Duchamps family who discovered their illegal smuggling.

The organization disbanded after the mass murder and went on their separate ways. Unbeknownst to them, one member of the Duchamps, a young boy, survived the fire, although he had burns on the left side of his face. 30 years later, Oscar Blodgett, one of the founding members of the organization was murdered by the same person who survived the fire. But the man, nicknamed "The Burnt Man", couldn't bring himself to kill the other organization members and filmed himself for a last will and testament to his son, William Lambert, before killing himself.

This makes the Order of the Scarlet Lupine the catalyst of the show and what led Lambert to killing the descendants of the organization members.


  • Calvin Roosevelt Flint
  • Oscar Blodgett
  • Hayden DeBeck
  • Rose
  • Thibodeaux
  • Merchant
  • Larabee