Oren is an antagonist from the Super Dragon Ball Heroes series. He and his twin sister Kamin are artificial lifeforms created by the Tuffles of Universe 6 to be the ultimate artificial beings and now are members of the Core Area Warriors.


Oren is a very violent individual, as he enjoys battles simple-mindedly. 


Oren's appearance is of a neo machine mutant Tuffle. He wears a blue jacket.



Oren and Kamin were created by the Tuffles of Universe 6 to be the ultimate artificial beings, however they were too strong and so the mortals tried to destroy them, only causing Oren and Kamin to become enraged by this and they decided to wipe them all out.


  • Oren is the second character to have taken over control of Vegeta's body (with Baby being the first from Dragon Ball GT).


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