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Your problems are over!
~ Organizações Tabajara's slogan.

Organizações Tabajara, also known as the Tabajara Organization in English, is a fictional company from Brazilian comedy show Casseta & Planeta Urgente. Described as a monopolistic conglomerate, Organizações Tabajara is a company which creates all sorts of products, which vary from simple daily utilities to utterly absurd products and gadgets, many of which are hazardous or harmful to either it's user or people around him, or can be used to commit crimes (in fact it's very first product was basically a "do-it-yourself" atomic bomb kit).

Organizações Tabajara owns various companies, which allows it control over various lines of consumer needs. It is said Organizações Tabajara profits over thirty bazillion dollars per week. One of it's greatest achievements was the purchase of the country of Argentina, which it turned into a private parking lot.

Known Subsidiaries

  • Tabajara Filmes & Pictures: Tabajara's own movie studios.
  • Tabajara Records: A music studio, much like the above.
  • Tabajara Personal Services: A services agency which offers their own employees for various tasks.
  • Tabajara Futebol Clube: Their own football/soccer team, known as the world's worst team and apparently mostly used for money laundering.
  • Tabajara Steelworks (Siderúrgicas Tabajara): Subsidiary of the Tabajara Organizations responsible for the manufacture of steel and its derivatives, such as flat steel and broad steel
  • Tabajara Shipyards (Estaleiros Tabajara): It is responsible for the manufacture of large ships, such as cruise ships and cargo ships.
  • Tabajara Heavy Equipment (Tabajara Equipamentos Pesados): It manufactures heavy equipment and parts for various vehicles, such as planes, trains, among others.
  • Tabajara Edible Food Factory (Fabrica de Alimentos Comestiveis Tabajara): It manufactures varied foods and some even very suspicious.
  • Tabajara Agricultural Farms (Fazendas Agropecuarias Tabajara): It is the subsidiary responsible for the Agriculture sector and another possible source of money laundering.
  • Tabajara Investment Bank (Banco de Investimentos Tabajara): This is where legal and illegal investments are made. This is where hard work money is invested, and where money from a suspicious source (possibly money laundering, theft, or other illegal activity) is invested.
  • Tabajara Computers (Tabajara Computadores): It is the subsidiary responsible for manufacturing computers and other technological equipment.
  • Tabasat (Tabajara Sat): Cable TV from the Tabajara Organizations. Its slogans are "The only pay TV that the illiterate can also subscribe to" ("A unica TV por assinatura que analfabeto tambem pode assinar") or "Your cable TV that goes to the stalk" ("Sua TV a cabo que vai até o talo").
  • Tabajara Milk and Dairy Products (Tabajara Leites e Laticínios Lácteos): It is the subsidiary responsible for manufacturing milk and its derivatives, such as yogurt, butter and others.
  • Tabajara Police (Polícia Tabajara): It is the Private Police, better equipped and more armed than the common police.
  • Para Tudo Anti-Merdeitor Tabajara: Private security service. It is responsible for taking care to prevent customers from falling into robbery and traps.


  • The Organizações Tabajara is in many ways an amalgamation of both ACME and OCP.