The Organization of the Zodiac, abbreviated as OZ, are the military wing of the Romefeller Foundation and major antagonists in Mobile Suit Gundam Wing.


The Organization of the Zodiac was originally established as a division of the United Earth Sphere Alliance's Military, being officially known as the "Special Mobile Suit" unit, abbreviated as SMS. However, the Organization was secretly under the control of the Romefeller Foundation.

Later on, when Field Marshal Noventa, the supreme leader of the Alliance, took a more peace-oriented role, OZ would lead to a coup de'taut and take over the Earth Sphere in order to keep control, as the new peaceful ways would compromise the Foundation's plans. Their second stage following the overthrow of the UESA was gaining control over the colonies. OZ was able to win the agreement of the colonies through more peaceful and reasonable ways. Because OZ was seen as an ally of the colonies, the Gundam pilots, who were fighting against OZ, were shunned.

The organization later suffered a split over the controversy generated by the introduction of "Mobile Dolls" into the battlefield. The leader of OZ, Treize Khushrenada, opposed their introduction and thus was forced to step down as leader of OZ. This prompted approximately half of the OZ soldiers to rebel against Romefeller and side with Treize, forming the "Treize Faction" and causing a civil war within OZ.

Despite this, OZ continued to exist. It later became the military of the Earth Sphere Unified Nation after it was established by the Romefeller Foundation. OZ later participated in its last conflict in the final battle of the war in December AC 195. The forces of OZ fought against a colonial terrorist organization comprised of radical colonists and former OZ soldiers called the White Fang.

After the battle ended, all mobile suits were banned from use and OZ thus was dissolved.



  • OZ is very similar to the Titans from the Universal Century, as both were a corrupt elite sector within their respective Terran forces.



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