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Foolish puppets! Do you not see that your lives are yours to do with as you see fit? That you need not throw them away for the sake of a god who no longer lives to witness your foolish sacrifice? Perhaps you will finally understand the value of the gift of life... when I take it from you!
~ Orgodemir, after the heroes decide to confront him.

Orgodemir is the main antagonist and final boss of Dragon Quest VII.


Orgodemir resembles a blue centipede-like dragon with pairs of arms, horns, and wings. Rows of spikes decorate his head and his backside; he also exhibits three eyes, a huge exposed brain and a poisonous stinger on his rear end. When he's disguised, he resembles a blue-skinned handsome humanoid with white hair and a suit.


Orgodemir is the fiend responsible for sealing all lands from existence, except for the only landmass in the world, Estard. Most of his actions were carried out by his subordinates, who include demons, monsters and even innocent people who were tempted to join him and became such beings by sealing a deal to get their way.


Orgodemir was once known as the Demon King, the main source of evil, he manipulated the world and its people hundreds of years ago to become mightier than The Almighty and to become the ruler and master of fates for all mortalkind. Orgodemir was a tactician, he plunged the various continents into darkness not by sheer power, but by sending 18 of his underlings to pull some strings on the continent's settlements, and ultimately have people destroy its own civilization. Other times, they just made it so that people would lose all hope in The Almighty. These actions were likely carried out so that people would lose trust in The Almighty and only have those who would serve the demon king, survive.

The Almighty and the Demon King had an epic clash that involved all of their forces, the legions for evil and the Holy Order of The Almighty. Sadly, Orgodemir had become so powerful that The Almighty began to suspect that He would not survive the bout, so He made the survivors of The Holy Order retreat to the Divine Shrine. As for His most trusted knight and follower, Sir Mervyn, who would have accompanied his master to the bitter end; The Almighty sealed him inside the Sizzling Stone for his own safety, so that he could finish the ordeal in the future. Just seconds later, The Almighty mustered all of His strength for the next attack, which would prove to be His last, but was unfortunately not enough to end Orgodemir.

It is at this time that the Shrine of Mysteries, made by The Almighty Himself, would serve its final purpose and transported the party to this exact moment. Orgodemir had been weakened by the battle, and it was the perfect chance for the team to strike. After the hardest and longest battle the heroes had experienced so far, Orgodemir was defeated, swearing to return and take revenge.


Now that Estard's neighbor continents had all been restored and the team had resurrected The Almighty thanks to the Roamers and having defeated Orgodemir in the past, a new order has emerged, dedicated to supervise the construction of a monument for the  new world, its leaders, and its most influential people to receive The Almighty: The Cathedral of Light.

Unfortunately. this all ends up being a part of Orgodemir's new scheme which seemed to dealt in making people worship him, and getting rid of everyone he considered a threat to his reign. What people believe to be the resurrected Almighty is, in reality, the Demon King in disguise and he uses this opportunity to banish the lands where the Four Spirits lied dormant. This included all people in them such as The Hero, Maribel, Ruff, and Aishe. Only Sir Mervyn managed to avoid the great sealing and he was able to help the party get hold of the sacred flame and power up the teleportals that would help them reach the spirit's resting places in order to wake them up. After every spirit is awakened, they are able to face the fake Almighty, and reveal that it was actually Orgodemir in disguise.

This move apparently takes a lot of power from them; in their weakened state, the ruthless Demon King proceeds to finish them. He also goes on to reveal the Cathedral of Blight's true nature: The Cathedral of Blight. In this accursed place where monsters roam free and its passageways seem to reach the underworld and even connect to interdimensional dungeons, Orgodemir is able to make it into its new hideout and still govern over the world as a fearmonger, even making everyone in the Faraday region, disappear.

Other appearances

  • Orgodemir appears as a legacy boss in Dragon Quest IX and can be battled if his map is obtained.
  • He can be obtained in Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 if Mortamor and an Alabast Dragon are synthesized together.
  • He's one of Nokturnus' finest warriors in Dragon Quest Battle Road Victory and the last opponent in the Dragon Quest VII story arc.





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