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Origa is a major antagonist of Dragalia Lost, being the main antagonist of the Satan Revival storyline. She is the apostle of the northern Ilian Church.

She is voiced by Chiwa Sato in Japanese and currently doesn’t have an English voice actor.


Origa has red eyes, blue hair, butterfly-like wings, and wears a black and white dress.



Long ago, Origa lived happily with her stepsister, Regina. However, That changed when their home in Alphir was attacked. Despite Regina's best efforts to protect Origa, Regina ended up letting go of her hand, resulting in the two becoming separated.

After that, Origa went through constant suffering from ending up in an orphanage to being used for her auspex powers. Eventually, Origa achieved the top position of the northern Ilian Church.

Chapter 17

Upon hearing of Halidom party arriving in Grams, Origa orders them to capture the prince as she develops an interest in using him. However, the soldiers fail, so she orders to have them punished.

Despite failing to capture Euden, she continues with her plans.

Faith Forsaken

With her plans going smoothly, Origa organizes the capture of the apostles, including her sister, Regina. When Regina demands to have a talk with her, Origa accepts a meeting just so she could thank her for abandoning her and sending her back.

As the apostles escape, Origa has Basileus and Loki move on with the plan, having Graht possessed by Asura and having them trick the apostles into killing Graht so that the last of the six-hundred and sixty-six sacrifices needed to revive Satan have been delivered. With all the lives taken, Origa offers up her soul to become Satan so that she may stop the Progenitor.

However, it was a trick as Origa finds herself absorbed by Satan while Loki reveals that she would never be able to control him. However, Origa still exists within Satan.

After the apostles use their power to take the demon down, they manage to extract Origa's body. However Origa informs them that her soul is still trapped within Satan and that he will reawaken shortly. She then asks the apostles to seal him and her away while acknowledging that Regina will one day find a way to free her from Satan.

With the demon and Origa sealed away, Regina takes Origa's body to look into saving her.



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