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The Drake Phantom, also known as Prime Minister Orma, is a Phantom with the power to transform into Kamen Rider Sorcerer and the main antagonist of the movie Kamen Rider Wizard in Magic Land.


The Drake Phantom was born during the Sabbath ritual from the original Orma after he fell into despair. He later kidnapped Koyomi to use her for a ritual to create Magic Land. After Haruto shows up to save them Drake sends them both to his newly created world.

In Magic Land Drake takes the form of Prime Minister Orma. The Golden Wizard was entrusted to hide that Emperor Maya can't use magic from the citizens when Maya was young at the request of the previous Emperor.

While a group of girls are dancing, the Sorcerer appears and takes their mana away using the Tornado Ring.

Orma later discusses the matter of the citizens losing their mana with Maya. After Haruto and Kosuke lose their cover, Orma transforms into Sorcerer and attacks the two as they assume their Kamen Rider forms. Beast holds Sorcerer off while Wizard escapes to inform the people of Magic Land about Maya's plan to construct the Thanatos Vessel and drain the public of their mana. Sorcerer defeats Beast and performs the Vanish Strike Ring to deliver the finishing blow.

When Maya later activates the Thanatos, Sorcerer reveals himself as the true mastermind and the Phantom Drake to Haruto and Maya, explaining that the machine actually would make the citizens fall into despair.

Haruto confronts Orma and the transform into their Kamen Rider forms, but Sorcerer overpowers Wizard at first. Wizard then changes into Infinity Style and the two use their finishing kicks on each other in an attempt to finish the other off. However, Wizard manages to overwhelm and finish off Sorcerer, causing Magic Land to vanish.



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