Orn is the ultimate antagonist in Shinobi 3DS. The last of his kind, Orn is known as the "Sword of the Stars".


Orn is the leader of an ancient alien race and among the last of its kind. He and his species traveled through galaxies to find and colonize new planet. After centuries of travel, Orn's ship arrived in the Solar System. He then settled on Earth as his new home. Orn planned to take control of the planet but was unable due to his exhausted resources.

Soon, Orn noticed two opposing factions of warriors: the Oboro-ryu ninja clan and Zeed ninja warriors. The Oboro-ryu fought for justice in Japan while Zeed seeked to rule the country in darkness. Orn devised a plan to use both sides to create an army in outer space.

Starting in the Kamakura Era of Japan, Orn met with Zeed and elaborated an attack on the Oboro clan's village. He begun the assault by abducting several members of the village. After the abductions, Orn appeared before the Oboro-ryu's leader. The elder ninja was secretly in alliance with Zeed and helped Orn with his plan.

The alien then rewarded the ninja with a mask that was marked with Zeed's emblem. The mask was specially designed to bestow eternal life. The ninja took it and became the Shadow Master.

With his plan set further in motion, Orn blasted the Oboro-ryu Village from his ship. He was unaware that one of the ninjas survived. He was unaware that the Oboro-ryu's best warrior, Jiro Mushashi, survived the attack and was flung 800 years into the future. The ninja arrived in era where Zeed ruled the world and its evil became the law. He soon found out, though.

Upon monitoring the ninja from behind the scenes, Orn was impressed that Jiro reached his spaceship. It was then revealed that Orn orchestrated the village's destruction. Angry, Jiro defeated Orn in combat. Orn decalred that Jiro doesn't fully understand what he's done. Orn then vanished in an explosion of blue light. He was presumed to be deceased.


Orn's body is composed of an exoskeleton with insectoid helmet. Wings protrude from his back which resembles limbs. He is always is always surrounded by a peculiar glow radiating from his armor.

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