Oroborus is a giant, snake-like hellion who serves as a minor antagonist in Tales of Zestiria and Tales of Zestiria: The X.

History (anime version)

A creation of The Lord of Calamity, Oroborus generated the storm which attacked Princess Alisha and Maltran’s company as they journeyed to bring medical supplies to the plague-infected city of Marlind. Oroborus created a storm which almost killed the princess and her aide, and sucked several of their men into a tornado. Once the creature was noticed by Shepherd Sorey, he (Sorey) took in the power of the seraph Edna to attack it. However, before he is able to inflict much damage, an electrokinetic drake (a juvenile dragon) surprisingly attacked the creature from above. Sorey pursued the drake in vain, beating down Oroborus as he leapt high enough to do so. The creature then collapsed, though since the storm did not completely die down, it is assumed that Oroborus survived the encounter. It was later revealed that the drake was the cause of the sickness in Marlind.

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