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Power is made from the pain of the fragile. Here weakness dies. Here strength is born. I exert myself, a pale reflection of Ion's sacrifice of flesh to the intolerable force, and shed frailty's husk. I commune with my akuloth core - my sacred metamorphosis complete.
~ Orok to the converted people of Kythera in the Sarkites' Sone Szusk.

Orok is an antagonist in the SCP Foundation Mythos. He is one of the four Klavigar of Sarkicism, saints that lie only below Grand Karcist Ion, the earthly leader of the faith. Orok began his life as a slave, but became powerful and broke free. He is usually associated with strength, war, violence, wilderness, hunting and in contradiction, also for loyalty and revolt. 

The SCP Foundation knows him as SCP-2408-4.



Orok was originally a slave, who through alchemical and thaumaturgical experimentation performed by the Daeva, achieved unnatural physical strength and possible supernatural powers. He began to serve as a bodyguard and pit-fighter for Matriarch Aśvighoṣa, the ruling Daeva in the city of Jel. 

When Grand Karcist Ion arrived in Jel, he gave Aśvighoṣa the option to leave and spread the message of his revolution to other Daeva's or die at his hands.

The Daevea decided to let Orok kill Ion, but he hesitated. It was said that his "runes of bondage [setting] his starved soul aflame so that his body became spirit". He then struck down Aśvighoṣa with the so much strength, that Daeva turned to "cinder and ash and heavenly starlight".

After this, Orok started to follow Grand Karcist Ion. When Lovataar joined them, Orok was at first at odds with her due to her being Daeva, but overtime he came to accept her.

Over time Orok's body, like most Klavigar and Karcists, mutated and he became a hulking behemoth. He likely served as a warrior during the war with the Mekhanites, which led to the Late Bronze Age collapse.


Orok was known to have survived to this very day, and he resided beneath Moscow, where he was currently brain-dead. For a while he was overseen by The Hunter's Black Lodge, a sarkic criminal organization, before the SCP Foundation got involved. The Foundation referred to him as SCP-2408-4, a Keter-class anomaly.

Possible Endings

In Memoria, Adytum

As Sarkicism began rising once again, with the adherents of the faith disposing of various heads of influential states and groups of interest which was designated SCP-4273, Karcist Lucien Dutoit, Karcist Halyna Ieva, Karcist Yongsun Ban and Naman broke inside the site containing SCP-3911-1 and proceeded to use it as part of a summoning ritual. This ritual resulted in the manifestation of the four Klavigar before Ion himself manifested, having finally returned to Earth. Following the incident, the Sarkites began planning the next steps in their plan of taking down their enemies and taking over the world.

Sarkic Heat

After the Foundation was dissolved into Vanguard and purportedly caused a Broken Masquerade scenario and integrating the anomalous world into the normal one, they sent Karcist Varis and Dr. Clef to shut down the Black Lodge for good. During the confrontation between the duo and the Lodge's members, Orok finally awoke from his slumber. However, after being told by Varis how the situation was, Orok decided to not only let him and Clef free to go but promised that he would force the Lodge to change their evil ways and become better people.

Powers and Abilities

As a Klavigar, Orok was granted by Ion great power over flesh. He obtained immense superhuman strength and size, became biologically immortal and could shape his body to various extents. Orok was expert combatant and hunter, using his strength to squash his enemies. He possessed an impenetrable exoskeleton that acted like some sort of armor. The Black Lodge after discovering his comatose body began using his bodily fluids to create their addictive drugs such as SCP-2408-2A and SCP-2408-2B. Orok also appeared to be capable of manipulating individuals from afar as when Foundation personne entered his holy hunting ground he spoke to them telepathically and convinced them to submit themselves to the land's corruption.


Orok is often depicted as a hulking behemoth with a single eye on his face and wearing loincloth.

As SCP-2408-4 he is described to be 300 metres tall and weight between 70,000 and 72,000 tonnes, and having one single eye located at the center of the face. Instead of having a protruding nose, he has a flat nasal slit. Tusks, horns, and various other corneous protrusions grow around the face and head area. He also possesses a three rows of sharpened teeth and enlarged and heavily muscled jaws. For protection he has an artial exoskeleton in coincidence with an endoskeleton; both skeletons being anomalously strong with a tensile strength comparable to carbyne.


Out of the four Klavigar he appeared to be the most aggressive as he embodies war. He just like his fellow Klavigar was extremely loyal to Ion, shared a deep bond between all five of them, although he was at first antagonistic towards Lovataar due to her being a daeva before being reassured of her genuine loyalty, and would do anything to execute every wish of Ion. Orok also appeared to despise the weak and forcing his followers to become strong combatants. He highly valued the survival of the fittest philosophy, believing that only the strongest would survive while the weak ones were destined to fail and die. When some Foundation personnel entered his holy ground Orok manipulated them into abandoning the Foundation and surrender themselves to his power, being reborn into powerful monstrosities.





  • Bears resemblance to the Greek Cyclops.
  • The "Skull of Orok" is often used as a logo by The Hunter's Black Lodge, with many members having it tattooed in their skin.
  • Orok is also a name for a population of people known as Oroks who mostly live in Russia.



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